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Most Notable Celebrity Chefs in Montreal

Entrepreneurs passionate about the restaurant industry!

updated: Apr 22, 2022

Most Notable Celebrity Chefs in Montreal

Montreal has a multitude of restaurants with talented chefs. Some have become popular in the public eye by participating in culinary competitions, others through a sustained presence on social media, while others host television shows. 

Whether it's through their cookbooks, blogs, shows, restaurants, consulting services, or social networks, we can't help but be excited about their passion for the restaurant industry. 

We've rounded up our favorite chefs from the greater Montreal area who are also known in the media. Of course, there are many others who could make the list, as there is so much talent in Montreal, but here are the ones that stand out to us. 


Incredible Portuguese chef at the head of the great restaurants Portus 360 and Helena, she now leads the kitchens of the Champlain Château Frontenac in Quebec City. She has been a guest chef on the TV show Les Chefs and has sponsored numerous projects to inspire the next generation of chefs. Find her recipes online to get a taste of Portugal at home!  

Montreal's best celebrity chefs!


Chef Antonio Park has an exceptional background that has earned him his high reputation. Having grown up in Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Canada, with Korean influences from his family and a 3-year stay in Japan to learn the ropes, he has made a name for himself around the world. Today, he is the owner and/or chef of several restaurants such as Park, Jatoba, Café Bazin, Cathcart, consultant for Air Canada, and many other collaborations.

Chuck Hughes du GARDE MANGER


Having hosted several culinary shows on Canadian, Quebec, and American television, he is also known for his restaurants and tasty recipes. He has designed special menus for Osheaga for several years and won the Iron Chef television competition in 2001. You can visit his restaurant Garde Manger in Old Montreal.

Montreal's best celebrity chefs!

Marie-Fleur St-Pierre de TAPEO BAR À TAPAS/MESÓN

She is the co-owner of Tapéo and Meson restaurants and is a remarkable woman of many talents. She has written two books, a blog, runs a delicatessen in Kamouraska, and is the mother of two beautiful children. She has also made a few television appearances on Artv and Zeste.

Montreal's best celebrity chefs!

Martin Juneau of PASTAGA

Restaurateur and entrepreneur, Martin Juneau won the largest culinary competition in Canada in 2011: the Gold Medal Plates. Pastaga opened in 2011 and is a reference for the quality of its natural wines and its innovative cuisine while keeping things simple and well-executed. 

Montreal's best celebrity chefs!


This chef has been in the restaurant industry for over 30 years, consulting for many restaurants and hotels, authoring, and starring in several television shows. His restaurants in Sainte-Julie offer a tasty and well-executed menu with quality ingredients.

Montreal's best celebrity chefs!


Here is a woman with an inspiring background in the restaurant business. She has hosted shows in English and French on various television stations. Kimberly has cooked with and even competed with world-class chefs! It would be easy to describe her incredible career in several lines, but a visit to these restaurants will give you a glimpse of her talent. 

Montreal's best celebrity chefs!


He has hosted several cooking shows on Radio-Canada and TV5, owned several restaurants, and collaborated on several entrepreneurial projects. He currently owns Le Pontiac and Dan Pan Pizza. He is definitely a versatile chef with a diverse background that makes him so unique.

Montreal's best celebrity chefs!

Anita Feng de J'AI FENG

Anita Feng, who appeared on Marina Orsini's show Cinq chefs dans ma cuisine, is a rising star in the Montreal restaurant scene. She will allow you to discover original Chinese recipes, both Cantonese and Szechuan. Enjoy dishes prepared on-site or buy everything you need at her grocery store to reproduce the recipes at home.

Montreal's best celebrity chefs!


Antonin Mousseau-Rivard du MOUSSO

The incredible chef behind Le Mousso is known for his creative and innovative high-end cuisine. His restaurant is a must for any food lover and offers outstanding food and wine pairings. He was the chef of the MAC Museum for many years. It's not for nothing that he's on the list of the most creative chefs in Canada!

Montreal's best celebrity chefs !


Winner of the show Chopped Canada in 2015, he is now co-owner of the popular Jellyfish and Pubjelly. After many trips around the world to perfect his knowledge in the kitchen, this young chef is a rising star in Montreal. 

Montreal's best celebrity chefs!


Paul Toussaint is a public figure who has contributed to the discovery of Haitian cuisine in Quebec. He can be seen making several appearances on television such as Marina Orsini's show: 5 chefs dans ma cuisine. He was a member of the jury of the Gala des Lauriers this year. At the head of several projects, this is only the beginning for this chef. 

Montreal's best celebrity chefs!


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