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CITYArticle: Where to Eat the Best Sushi in Montreal

Where to Eat the Best Sushi in Montreal

Sashimi, nigiri, maki, gunkans and more are on the menu.

By updated: Dec 09, 2022
Where to Eat the Best Sushi in Montreal
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Sure, there are plenty of all-you-can-eat sushi places in Montreal, but how about those other places that offer an à la carte menu, table d'hôte, or even omakase (at the chef's discretion)?

Everyone has their own definition of a perfect platter containing their favorite type of sushi: sashimi, nigiri, gunkan, futomaki, temaki, inari, and more. 

What are the criteria for defining a good sushi restaurant?

  • The freshness and characteristics of the fish;
  • the mastery of rice cooking;
  • the balance between classic and creative recipes;
  • the quality of the service and
  • the atmosphere on site.

In this list, you'll find our favorite Sushi restaurants in the greater Montreal area that will definitely satisfy your taste buds!


290, boul. St-Luc #26, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, J2W 2A3

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Ramens, sushis, sashimis and cocktails are on the menu at Satori Sushi in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Select your favorites from the à la carte menu and receive a platter as beautiful as it is tasty. In the restaurant, the decor is refined with a beautiful atmosphere, but it is also possible to make your order online and go pick it up on-site. A tasting menu/Omakase is available upon request. 

Best Sushi in Montreal


330, ave. Mont-Royal E, Montréal, H2T 1P8

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Who says sushi can't be vegan? A visit to Ohana will convince you, everything is made with quality ingredients, the recipes are creative and all the sushi rolls are so elegant. The dining room has a few seats, which offers an intimate setting. The team's favorite is the touna royal.


Good sushi restaurant


1227, rue de la Montagne, Montréal, H3G 1Z2

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If you are a fan of Japanese culture, this is a must-see. They are the very first omakase on a reservation in Montreal. Live a multi-sensory experience during your visit by letting yourself be guided by the chef during 20 courses. The quality of the fish is top notch and many are imported directly from Japan. 

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399, ave. Laurier O, Montréal, H2V 2K3

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Mikado Laurier is one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in the city, open since 1987. 3 words characterize them: creativity, simplicity, and balance. It is a mix of Japanese traditions and innovation that we find there while taking into account the Montreal palate. Opt for the omakase menu and trust the chef for an unparalleled 6-course menu.

Sushi: the best in Montreal


1124, ave. Laurier O, Montréal, H2V 2L4

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On Laurier Street in Outremont, you can enjoy huge platters of sushi. They offer a diversified refined Asian cuisine that allows everyone to satisfy themselves. Don't hesitate to contact them for a catering service beyond compare.

 Sushi: The Best in Montreal


3339D, boul. Des Sources, Ouest-de-l'Île (Montréal), H9B 1Z8

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Opened in 1997, chef Maïko has carved out a place for herself for the quality of her sushi, the service, and the decor. The plates are as beautiful as they are tasty, you can feel the experience and passion in each of your bites. Whether you are in DDO or not, this place is worth a stop.


 Sushi: The Best in Montreal


9385, boul. Leduc, Brossard, J4Y 0A5

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Contemporary Japanese cuisine, Niji Sushi Bar offers gourmet cuisine on the South Shore. The decor is beautiful, the recipes are creative and succulent. Moreover, they serve keto sushi with innovative recipes. Without a doubt, they are a must in the Dix30 district.

 Sushi: The Best in Montreal


2035A, rue Victoria, Saint-Lambert, J4S 1H1

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Want to experience an omakase/tasting menu in Saint-Lambert? Shoji Sushi offers not only this traditional Japanese service but also the largest selection of sashimi in the region. Quality and freshness are taken to heart and you can feel it in every dish served. We particularly like the different recipes for foie gras.

Sushi: The Best in Montreal


378, ave. Victoria, Montréal, H3Z 2N4

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Famous chef Antonio Park has a reputation to uphold. Of course, he is known for his impressive sushi quality, but also for the integration of his Korean and Argentinean heritage. Expect innovation, great service, and high-quality ingredients.

Sushi: the best in Montreal


1150, rue Sauvé O, Montréal, H4N 0C6

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If you're looking for a place that combines good vibes, romantic surroundings, and creative sushi, Kokoro is perfect for you. The cocktails are the perfect pairing to this Japanese-flavored meal, both the sushi and the tapas. Keep an eye on their social media for different specials going on.Sushi: the best in Montreal


711, Côte de la Place d'Armes, Montréal, H2Y 2X6

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It is in the Old Port of Montreal in the Place d'Armes Hotel that this little gem is located. Kyo Japanese Bar is sophisticated and dynamic, combining the frenetic energy of an izakaya with the cozy ambiance of a sushi bar, offering a menu that serves both types of cuisine. They also have the largest selection of sakes in the city of Montreal. Perfect for a romantic moment, with friends or colleagues. 

Sushi: the best in Montreal


3735, rue Notre Dame O, Montréal, H4C 1P8

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Sashimi, nigiri, and maki lovers, you will be satisfied at Kioko. They have several platters that accommodate different special requests such as nori leaf-free, gluten-free and vegetarian sushi. Reviews are unanimous for both the quality of service and their excellent sushi.

Sushi: the best in Montreal


Multiple locations

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It's in Westmount and on the Plateau that you can savor the famous "fir trees" of Saint Sushi. Offering a festive hip-hop atmosphere, we suggest you opt for the tasting menu which will allow you to discover the best combinations of the chef.

Sushi: the best in Montreal


55, boul. Brunswick, Ouest-de-l'Île (Montréal), H9B 1P7

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Here is one of the references for sushi in the west end of Montreal: Aikawa Sushi. Especially popular for their excellent sushi-pizzas, they have mastered their menu to please people who like innovative recipes or classics. Many other options are on the menu for people who don't like sushi.

Sushi: the best in Montreal

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