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Best Sugar Shacks In and Around Montreal

Our guide to some of the best sugar shacks

Feb 24, 2020
Best Sugar Shacks In and Around Montreal

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When sping arrives, almost every Quebecer thinks about the sugar shack season. The little ones think about the amount of maple sugar they will be allowed to eat that day, the adults think about the delicious and comforting food as well as the good times with family and friends. We have gathered  a list below of several sugar shacks in Montreal and its surroundings. Psst, you have permission to try more than one, considering that you can enjoy it only once a year. 

Sucrerie De La Montagne

Since 1978, Sucrerie De La Montagne in the city of Rigaud welcomes you throughout the year, but you can enjoy the complete sugar shack experience from February to April. Respecting the traditions and beauty of our terroir, this sugar shack will charm you with its magnificent reception rooms. It is a very welcoming and family-friendly place, you will not be disappointed with the delicious food that is served. In addition to the sugar shack, splendid old looking little houses provide accommodations at the top of Mount Rigaud for a very relaxing stay.

Cabane à sucre au pied de cochon

We've all heard about Martin Picard's famous Au Pied de Cochon sugar shack. A culinary experience like no other, that some would even call spectacular! Innovation and creativity will be sure to compliment your visit, but reserve quickly, available spots go like hotcakes. 

Érablière Charbonneau

A delicious traditional family sugar shack offering an authentic experience including a mini-farm and visits to the evaporation rooms. Rendezvous at the Érablière Charbonneau to celebrate the coming of spring and enjoy some sweet delights. 

Érablière Sous-Bois

Enjoy horseback riding and hiking trails that criss-cross Mont Saint-Grégoire. Outdoor and indoor activities are offered at the Sous-Bois Sugar Shack. Whether as a couple or with family and friends, you will find something to enjoy.

Cabane à sucre Lalande

Since 1913, Lalande Sugar Shack offers personalized service, friendly staff, and is delighted to continue the tradition. An authentic venue where comforting food, singers and several outdoor activities await you.

Cabane aux Délices des Sucres

Pleasure, outdoor relaxation and a good Quebecois dinner await you. And you can bring your own wine!

Cabane à Sucre Constantin

Whether it's for the food, the activities or the party atmosphere, whatever the season, there's always something going on at the Constantin Sugar Shack. Many activities are offered such as horse sleigh rides ($), the traditional mini-farm and exotic animals ($), hiking and more!

Sucrerie Bonaventure

Bonaventure Maplery offers a traditional Sugar Shack menu that will please the sweetest tooth! Come get several maple products made on site. With the mini-farm, hockey nights, karaoke, singer and DJ, outdoor fireplace and horseback riding, it's a sure blast for friends and family. Don't forget to bring your drinks!

Auberge Handfield

This is a traditional sugar shack, a reception room, a country inn, a spa and more! Auberge Handfield offers not only the traditional sugar feast but also a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or pork-free menu! Wow! Who said we couldn't all enjoy the delights of the sugaring season? In addition, they offer a package including a helicopter tour flying over the Richelieu valley as well as the traditional sugar feast.


 Érablière Meunier

Visit this delightful family Sugar Shack and taste their delicious fresh donuts served daily in the morning. Also enjoy the services of a professional makeup artist for the children and their new farm with over sixty animals.


La Ferme Les Fardoches

For those who like to enjoy sugar shacking, but are vegetarian, La Ferme Les Fardoches is for you. With a vegetarian menu including gluten-free options, this certified organic sugar shack promises homemade dishes without too much guilt!

La Cabane à Tuque

La Cabane à Tuque offers an eco-vegetarian experience with its very "green" concept. The cabin where the receptions are held is an ecological house whose walls are made of recycled glass bottles. With 35 seats available, you can enjoy a traditional meal in intimacy, do not wait to book!

Vergers Hillspring

Come enjoy a traditional sugar season meal at the Hillspring Sugar shack. All products are made on-site. They are located 60 minutes away from Montreal. A singer performs on Saturday evenings and visitors can visit the mini-farm at all times.

Les Meilleures Cabanes à Sucre à Montréal et les environs

Diablos Sugar Shack

The Diablos is known to be an excellent destination for enjoying a classic southern Tex Mex cuisine. Their warm decor, showing brick and hardwood, will make you forget that you are on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

It's every Sunday, from March 1st to May 10th, that you can try out their sugar shack menu. On the menu, Scottish eggs, bacon pancake tower, traditional desserts and maple syrup cocktails await you. We can't wait to try it!

Cabane Panache 10e Édition

Organized by the Verdun SDC to promote the effervescent neighborhood of Verdun, the 10th edition of La Cabane Panache will be held from March 19st to 22nd. This outdoor sugar shack event takes place on Wellington Street and offers you a bunch of fun activities. Food kiosks at very affordable prices, bars to warm you up, maple taffy on snow, games for young and old, and free shows that will make you dance are all things you could enjoy during this weekend! No need to go far, the Cabane Panache 2020 offers you the best sugar shack right here in Montreal.

Un Chef à l'Érable

For the third year in a row, La Scena, this well-known event venue in the Old Montreal, and their catering partner Agnus Dei are welcoming you for its urban sugar shack. This year, the guest chef Daren Bergeron, will cook traditional but also revisited classics that won't leave you unsatisfied. Book your ticket online, for only 69$, and you'll get an extraordinary 4-course meal, which will surpass your expectations. This 2020 edition of Un Chef à l'Érable awaits you!

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