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Where Are the Best Poutines in Montreal?

A dish that is part of Quebec's heritage

updated: Sep 12, 2022

Where Are the Best Poutines in Montreal?

The origin of poutine is still debated amongst many restaurants and people, but it certainly originated in Quebec. Montreal has been able to incorporate poutine, a world-renowned dish into its menus and turn it into generous and creative recipes. 

In this article, we have gathered the favorites of our team and we are very proud of the diversity and creativity offered by the restaurant owners and chefs. 


1335, rue Beaubien E, Montréal, H2G 1K7

View More  (514) 419-0660

Mainly known for serving a creative Vietnamese menu with a pan-Asian influence, La Belle Tonki is a must in terms of inventive poutine. They've won multiple awards with their original recipes at Poutine Week (2019 and 2021). The Dac Biet poutine is reminiscent of Vietnamese pho soups and the Kim Cheesy poutine is inspired by Korean ramen. If you're in the mood for Asian-flavored poutine, this is the place for you!

The best poutines in Montreal


969, rue Rachel E, Montréal, H2J 2J4

View More  (514) 522-5175

This Portuguese restaurant is located near Lafontaine Park and it is not surprising to see long lines in summer and winter. The portions are generous, the meats seasoned and grilled to perfection and the price is quite affordable. Their Sao Jorge cheese poutine with grilled chorizo needs no introduction as it is so appreciated and quoted in many foodie blogs! Believe us, it is worth the wait!


The best poutine restaurants Montreal

Photo Credit: paychen


6956, rue Drolet, Montréal, H2S 2T3

View More  (438) 386-6368

Many people make long detours to eat at Chez Tousignant. The menu is simple but made with local, quality ingredients. The gravy is all homemade, the fries are cut on the spot and there is an abundance of cheese curds to garnish your poutine. They offer a small size to go with your hot dog or hamburger, otherwise go for the big regular, galvaudé, or all beef. This is a great meal to enjoy on-site, with delivery, to take out, or in a park in the summer. 

Where are the best poutines in Montreal?

La Banquise

994, rue Rachel E., Montreal, H2J 2J3

View More  (514) 525-2415

With more than 12,000 reviews on Google, La Banquise is a must for poutine in Montreal. They have about 15 different poutine recipes. There are great vegetarian and vegan options as well. Open 24 hours a day, there are people on hand at all times to prepare your temptation such as La Elvis (ground steak, peppers, and mushrooms), La Bonheur (veggie sausage, peppers, mushrooms, and onions), or La Scooby (ground steak, bacon, onions, fried pickles, and garlic Caesar sauce) to name a few. In the summer, take it to-go and enjoy it at Lafontaine Park next door!

Where are the best poutines in Montreal?


Multiple locations

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Whether you are in Montreal, Chambly, or Mont Saint-Hilaire, this is a stop for any poutine lover. The homemade gravy is made with authentic veal stock or you can request a gluten-free vegan gravy. There are even several keto/carb recipes made with celery root fries (available in vegan or non-vegan versions). Among the creations available are the Malibu (sauce, cheddar cheese curds, southwest coleslaw, and hot peppers), Twin Tip (sauce, cheddar cheese curds, beer-battered onion rings, spicy maple bacon) or the Pura Vida (sauce, cheddar cheese curds, fried avocado). Why not let yourself be tempted by a burger at the same time?

Where are the best poutines in Montreal?

Frite Alors!

Multiple locations

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Frite Alors was created in 1991 to offer crispy Belgian fries to Montrealers. Following the craze, several branches opened in Quebec and also in France. Today, you can find excellent poutines with homemade gluten-free sauce, cheese curds, and hand-cut Belgian fries. Among the recipes to try, we recommend the Ginette (bacon, grated orange cheddar, sour cream, and green onions), the Tunisian (lamb and red onions), or General Tao. If you like seasoned mayonnaise, dip it in one of their homemade sauces. The poutines are also available in many grocery stores. 


Where are the best poutines in Montreal?

Paulo et Suzanne

5501, boul. Gouin O, Montreal, H4J 1C8

View More  (514) 336-5561

Every day from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m., you can go to Paulo and Suzanne's for a treat. The menu has many comforting items that combine perfectly with poutine. The classic sauce and the pepper sauce are 100% vegan. The quantities are generous and will surely satisfy your big appetite. As for the poutines that stand out, we think of the Paulo (popcorn chicken and Piri Piri sauce), Extreme Burger (cheeseburger, pepper sauce, mushroom, onions, and southwestern sauce), or the famous diabolical (hamburger with cheese, Philly steak, onion rings, crispy jalapenos, hot peppers, pepper sauce, and southwestern sauce). All equally decadent choices!

Where are the best poutines in Montreal?


Multiple locations

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This restaurant with Congolese flavors will charm you with its delicious homemade chicken sauce! It is so appreciated by the customers, that they offer containers that allow you to take some home! Imagine poutine cooked with this famous sauce, grilled chicken, chorizo sausage, an abundance of cheese curds, and crispy home fries. We guarantee that one visit will convince you.

Where are the best poutines in Montreal?

Brasserie McTavish

803, rue St-Pierre, Terrebonne/Lachenaie, J6W 1E6

View More  (450) 961-2547

Brewery of the neighborhood in Terrebonne proposing a multitude of beers of microbreweries is also a place of predilection to savor the poutines of luxury. First, choose if you want a regular sauce or a mixture of homemade spices, then choose the recipe of your choice. A friendly place that has been open for many years and will allow you to spend a memorable evening with good food, beers, cocktails, and even sports games!

Where are the best poutines in Montreal?

Le Gras Dur

30 Rue Sainte-Catherine O, Montreal, H2X 0C8

View More  (514) 980-3663

The Le Gras Dur street food truck has won numerous awards over the past few years for its burgers, its tartars, and its poutines. Fortunately, they also have street-side locations where you can enjoy their dishes all year long. Here are our suggestions for your next order: Mac n cheese bacon, lobster and shrimp bisque, or the to ski! One thing is certain, we go there to enjoy ourselves and not to look at the calories!

Where are the best poutines in Montreal?

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Multiple locations

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Do you love poutine, but there's always one ingredient missing or some you don't want? That's not a problem at Poutineville, because you'll be able to customize every order. A choice of 40 different ingredients, 4 types of potatoes, and 11 choices of cheeses. They also offer the possibility to choose among their favorite recipes. All in a warm and festive atmosphere. Enjoy your dish with a glass of wine, a microbrewery beer, or a cocktail.

Where are the best poutines in Montreal?

Les Chocolats Favoris

Multiple locations

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Open in 1979, Chocolats Favoris continues to grow and is now on the grocery store shelves with their famous chocolate fondues. Stop by one of the chocolate shops to enjoy one of their sumptuous dessert poutines. They are made with churro fries, your choice of chocolate, and mini marshmallows if you like. The exploded version contains a choice of cinnamon buns, s'mores, cookies, cream, etc. Visit their website to get the ready-to-eat version and assemble it at home!

Where are the best poutines in Montreal?

Au Pied de Cochon

536, ave. Duluth E, Montreal, H2L 1A9

View More  (514) 281-1114

It is impossible to talk about this Quebec dish without mentioning the Pied de Cochon and its gastronomic version. This Montreal institution will satisfy you with several comforting Canadian dishes. During your visit, let yourself be tempted by the wonderful poutine with pieces of foie gras inside... gourmet and dirty! The price is slightly higher than average, but you won't find any other as unique. A must try at least once in a lifetime.

Where are the best poutines in Montreal?

Edward Smoked Meat

1, boul. des Promenades, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, J3V 5J5

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In Saint-Bruno and Boucherville, Edward Smoked Meat will not only satisfy your craving for smoked meat but also poutine! The meat is cooked and prepared on-site, giving it a unique taste! In a warm atmosphere reminiscent of Irish pubs, enjoy smoked meat poutine, BBQ pork, brisket, or bacon carbonara. The portions are generous and will satisfy your appetite. Available on-site, to take out, or by delivery.

Where are the best poutines in Montreal?

Chez Claudette

351, ave. Laurier E, Montreal, H2T 1G7

View More  (514) 279-5173

A snack bar located a few steps from Saint-Denis and Laurier Streets, Chez Claudette has long been open 24 hours a day on weekends. Lately, the hours have been modified to fit the current situation. There is an impressive choice of poutines, you will find one that will surely please you. Sweet and sour, French, spicy, pizza, tandoori, or the Elvis are examples of poutines you can eat here. Start and end the day well!

Where are the best poutines in Montreal?

Casa Santos Poulet Portugais

4745 Boul. des Laurentides, Laval, H7K 2Z6

View More  (579) 641-6464

In Laval, Casa Santos Portuguese Chicken is an excellent place to enjoy delicious poutine. As if their wonderful traditional Portuguese chicken and the homemade Piri-Piri sauce weren't a reason enough to visit, we suggest you order La MoCho or the Portuguesa poutine. The Mocho is served with cod croquettes, chorizo, cheese curds with poutine sauce, and Casa Santos sauce. The Portuguese poutine is served with grilled chicken, cheese curds, chorizo, homemade poutine sauce, and Piri-Piri. It's hard to resist the temptation to go there right away.

Where are the best poutines in Montreal?

Photo credit: bonappetitmesamies


3041, rue Notre-Dame O, Montreal, H4C 1N9

View More  (514) 931-6473

It's impossible to talk about this restaurant without talking about their delicious poutines. Generous, fatty, diversified... You are sure to find a version that will please you. The recipes that hold our attention are the following: Shepherd's Pie (Ground beef, onions, corn), Gyro (Beef, lamb, onions), or Ko-ka (Karnatzel sausages). They are open 7 days a week, from 5 am and 7 am on weekends.

Where are the best poutines in Montreal?

Gibeau Orange Julep

7700, boul. Décarie, Montreal, H4P 2H4

View More  (514) 738-7486

Beyond the famous orange sphere, Gibeau Orange Julep offers must-try snacks in the heart of Montreal. It's one of those places where you can drink homemade orange juice with your poutine... A combination that only makes sense with them. Open in 1930, the restaurant is now a tourist and gourmet attraction. The poutine is served with traditional or Italian brown sauce. The fries are home-cut and perfectly crispy. You can also have it as a trio with a hot dog and drink. They are open every day from 8 am until 3 am the next day (closing hours vary depending on the season). 

Where are the best poutines in Montreal?

Chez Simon Cantine Urbaine

8517, rue Hochelaga, Montreal, H1L 2M1

View More  (438) 375-9281

At Simon Cantine Urbaine, it quickly became a place adored by many Montrealers and is now open year-round! The owner has won numerous BBQ awards in international competitions. The restaurant won the award for the best burger in Montreal during the 2021 edition of Burger Week. Believe us, the poutine is also worth the detour. 4 types are offered: All-dressed, chili-dog, cheeseburger, and the t-town. Combine your meal with one of the beers from Quebec microbreweries. A rising star in Tétreaultville!

Where are the best poutines in Montreal?

Maam Bolduc

4351, ave. de Lorimier, Montreal, H2H 2B3

View More  (514) 527-3884

Open in 1972, Maam' Bolduc is a small family restaurant. They have quickly carved a place in the hearts of Montrealers with their generous traditional cuisine. They prepare as many homemade ingredients as possible, starting with the fries and poutine sauce. Early in the morning, start your day with breakfast poutine served with breakfast potatoes and a delicious hollandaise sauce. They are primarily known for their poutine bourguignonne (ground beef, garlic, red wine, caramelized onions, and mushrooms) including the Sainte-Perpétue (bacon and onions). When you visit this restaurant, it's the equivalent of being welcomed by a Quebec grandmother or aunt who will cook you excellent homemade dishes.

Where are the best poutines in Montreal?

Special mentions for the breakfast poutines of: Dame Tartine, Fabergé and l'Oeufrier.

Many establishments offer poutines that are just as good and comforting, you can check them out here.

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