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Where to Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

Jan 17, 2019
Where to Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

This article is for our dessert lovers. We have included in this list several restaurants and pastry shops offering the best desserts. 

Bonneau chocolaterie

Bonneau is first and foremost a chocolate factory, where you will find chocolates of all kinds making any chocolate lover very happy. You can buy boxes of chocolates, a fabulous gift to offer your loved ones who also have a sweet tooth. On site, try their delicious sweet crepes, thin and crispy, filled with all kinds of sweet toppings.

Pâtisserie Patrice

Pastry chef Patrice Demers is well known in the pastry world, everyone was pleased when he decided to open his own place. Located on Notre-Dame Street in the Little Burgundy district, the creative pastries will surpass even what you can imagine in your dreams.

Duc de Lorraine

It is since 1952 that Duc de Lorraine pastry shop has been making pastries, cakes, macarons and other classic French-inspired sweet recipes. Visit the store, or order your favourite desserts online; they have something sweet enough for everyone!

Pâtisserie Villeray

Pâtisserie Villeray has been known and appreciated since 1980, especially for its baklava, which is considered among the best in Canada. They welcome you in a warm place that looks like a charming tea room. A wide variety of baklava with assorted nuts is offered.

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Sweet Isabelle

Sweet Isabelle is a both a workshop and a boutique where cookies and cakes are freshly made everyday. The workshop section allows you to make your own cookies with your little ones, ideal for a family activity or a child's birthday party. 

Pâtisserie Rhubarbe

Rhubarbe certainly becomes a favorite for anyone who goes there. This incredible pastry shop located in the Plateau Mont-Royal stands out for the creativity of its desserts. Not only are they delicious, but they are so pretty that you won't dare to touch them. Watch for the Pistachio Dacquoise on the menu, only available during the winter, you will thank us.

Mr. Puffs

The puffs are no longer a secret to anyone who loves desserts and sweets, this decadent dessert has proven itself. We could compare them to a mix between Beaver's Tail and timbits. These small fried donuts are served hot with a filling of your choice, such as choco-hazelnut, honey or cinnamon and sugar. This Montreal company is open since 2004 and got their idea from the Loukoumades, a traditional Greek dessert. 


Juliette et Chocolat

With locations all over Montreal and the surrounding area, Juliette et Chocolat spreads the love of chocolate to anyone who enters the restaurants. On the menu: hot chocolate, milkshakes, fancy chocolates, brownies, various pastries, giant cookies, pancakes, waffles, chocolate fondue, ice cream. The chocolate paradise is waiting for you!


Dolce Gâteaux

Dolce Gâteaux is the perfect destination to find gourmet cupcakes. You can order custom cupcakes to make a loved one's special occasion even more special. In addition to cupcakes, cookies and cake pops are offered to please your taste buds.

Mamie Clafoutis

The Mamie Clafoutis artisan bakery prepares everything by hand, with love, every day. Using organic products from Quebec, you are assured of the unique quality of pastries, small desserts, pies and cakes.


This small neighborhood restaurant operated by Chef David Ferguson offers desserts, which like his menu, change regularly. You will always find cakes and other small desserts made with seasonal homemade products. Their desserts are creative and delicious!


Crémy specializes in donuts of all kinds. It was Chef Rémy who had the idea of opening this fabulous place where donuts are the stars. Taste their chocolate donut or the one made with bourbon and bacon, or simply enjoy a delicious classic boston donut.


Leméac is already a well known, famous bistro in Montreal, thanks to its authentic atmosphere and its French gourmet cuisine that still stands out. Their french toast dessert is also recognized as one of the best desserts found in a restaurant in Montreal. This caramel and maple french toast served with a milk jam will take you straight to dessert heaven. 


This vegan restaurant has enjoyed great popularity since its opening, not only for its beautiful decor but also for its tasty cuisine that respects animals! Among the desserts is a vegan cheesecake that will certainly leave you surprised when you will taste it. It is so creamy and succulent that if it were served to you without you knowing that it is vegan, it would be impossible to guess. 


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