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MTL à Table is a culinary event that does not go unnoticed in Montreal. It is your chance to discover a hundred restaurants at prices that are more than affordable. Choose from all the 3-course dinner "table d'hôtes" starting as low as 23$, allowing you to witness all the talent from the participating restaurateurs.

Here are our favorites of this year's edition.

$23 Table d'hôte

Let's start with the $23 options, this is an inexpensive amount considering that a three course meal awaits us. There is a great selection of restaurants in this price category allowing you to discover the restaurant, where you will eventually want to return.

Chez Bouffe Café Bistro

The comforting atmosphere of Chez Bouffe bistro ensures a pleasant evening while enjoying a meal inspired by French cuisine. On the menu this year, tartare, ravioli, pan-fried salmon and other surprises.

Kinoya Izakaya

Located on Saint-Denis, Kinoya Izakaya is well known by Japanese food lovers. There is a more effervescent atmosphere that will make you spend an evening all but boring. On the menu is karaage chicken, fried calamari and other delights of the Japanese cuisine.


Sandhu is the perfect combination of Italian and Indian cuisine. Find classics such as tandoori, lamb or samosas in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


$33 Table d'hôte

Now let's discuss some of the $33 options, which we still consider a very reasonable price for what you will get served. Discover in this category restaurants offering a cuisine that could be described as a little more fancy. This is the price range where you will find the most choices, so why not try several?


If you love Portuguese cuisine, then Aldea will be one of your favorite choices for MTL à Table this year. Guests can enjoy dishes such as garlic mussels, osso buco or braised pork cheek. The use of Quebec products makes the menu even more interesting.

Chez Victoire

Chez Victoire
is a quite popular restaurant on the Plateau Mont-Royal, its gourmet but unpretentious cuisine won't leave you unsatisfied! They also concocted a more enticing menu for MTL à Table including, duck foie gras terrine, braised pork and yellowfin tuna tataki.

India Rosa

This new gem located on Mount Royal called India Rosa offers a whole new way to see Indian cuisine. The enchanting decor will leave you speechless and the flavors of the delicious Indian cuisine will delight your taste buds!


gives all the love that our wonderful seasonal vegetables deserves, by creating beautiful, colorful and tasty plates. In addition to the vegetables, the importance of buying as much local produce as possible is really a priority for this restaurant. Enjoy a scallop tartare, braised deer and delicata squash with lamb.


$43 Table d'hôte

In the 43$ "table d'hôte" options, you'll find a good range of restaurant choices where most usually wait to have a special occasion to reserve a seat just because it's known to be more inaccessible and expensive spots. Well, it's your chance to try all these upscale restaurants for 43$ per person. 

H4C Place Saint-Henri

When I saw that the H4C was among the selection of restaurants for this ridiculous amount, it was imperative that I add it to this list. This place was one of my most beautiful culinary discoveries of 2018. I don't want to tell you more about it, let's keep the surprise so you'll be even more surprised.

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Ibéricos Taverne à Tapas Espagnoles

Opt for Ibéricos to discover traditional Spanish cuisine full of colour and flavour. On the menu; homemade charcuterie, paella, pork cheek and other delicacies.


Seafood and fish lovers, Joséphine is for you. You will find beautiful plates highlighting delicious seafood. Cod, trout, shrimp, scallops, all these delicacies are found on their menu for MTL à Table! We suggest you to accompany them with one of their amazing wine choices.

$73 Table d'hôte 

You may find that $73 per person begins to be a little less accessible for a "table d'hôte". However, if you look at the only two establishments that are in this category, I can confirm that it is rather a bargain. Having the chance to eat at one of these institutions for less than 100$ is not possible every day.


Europea is a Montreal institution where you will find a quite spectacular, creative and modern cuisine. You will experience an extraordinary dining experience by choosing to try the Europea restaurant.


It's hard to resist a menu at this price, especially if it was concocted by the renowned Chef Normand Laprise. Le Toqué! offers an innovative modern cuisine that you will remember.



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