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CITYArticle: Must-Visit Places for Matcha Lovers in Montreal

Must-Visit Places for Matcha Lovers in Montreal

For Those Who Prefer a Less Caffeinated Option

By updated: Oct 12, 2023
Must-Visit Places for Matcha Lovers in Montreal

While Montreal is really famous for its coffee scene, it also has some of the best spots for matcha! Whether you are a matcha lover or not, the places listed below are bound to change your mind. They have some of the most unique matcha concoctions, from ice creams and cakes, to matcha floats and freddos. Most importantly, they do not taste like grass!

So whether you're a devoted matcha enthusiast seeking new delights or simply looking to make a healthier, lower-caffeine choice - after all, a matcha ice cream does have its health merits compared to its coffee counterpart - these places are a must-visit if you are in Montreal!

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220 Rue Rachel E, Montreal, H2W 1E3

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This charming tea house located in the Plateau offers a unique experience to matcha lovers. Upon entering, the owner of the cozy tea room makes you try some of his home-made matcha concoctions, such as the banana matcha drink, the black sesame matcha, and more. A must-visit if you are looking to try something different than your usual matcha latte!

Best Matcha in Montreal

Tsujiri Montreal

1418 Rue Crescent, Montreal, H3G 2B7

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First founded in 1860 in Kyoto, Tsujiri is known for its tea cultivation methods, which were first introduced by the pioneer Riemon Tsuji. With now also a location in Montreal,  this place is a matcha lover's dream come true! From ice cream, cakes, parfaits, and lattes, this chic eatery has it all!


Best Matcha in Montreal

Café Redwood

2604 Rue Saint-Patrick, Montreal, H3K 1B8

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While it may be too late to try out their summer strawberry and mango matcha lattes, Cafe Redwood, located near the Lachine Canal, has an array of enticing matcha beverages that are perfect for the autumn season. Whether you're in the mood for their mat-chai, the warm embrace of maple or lavender matcha, or the delicate and sweet essence of rose water matcha, Cafe Redwood has a matcha creation to suit every palate!

Best Matcha in Montreal

Améa Café

1188 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montreal, H3A 1H6

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You may have tried green matcha before, but have you ever heard of blue matcha? This drink derives from the butterfly pea plant and is available at Amea Cafe. Whether you like it cold or hot, Amea Cafe also offers a variety of milk alternatives that pair well with their matcha beverages, such as pistachio, almond, oat or soy milk. 

Best Matcha in Montreal

Cosé Café & Buvette

1883 Rue Centre, Montreal, H3K 1J1

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Just when you think you've tried it all, a new matcha drink pops up on your feed. In fact, the recently opened Cafe Cosé offers a Vietnamese egg matcha, inspired by the traditional egg coffee made with egg yolks and condensed milk. If you prefer your matcha on the sweeter side, you definitely need to check out this place!

Best Matcha in Montreal

Credit: @kofiomtl via Instagram

Matcha Zanmai

1428 Rue Mackay, Montreal, H3G 2H7

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This Japanese dessert shop has everything a matcha lover could ever dream of: ice creams, parfaits, floats, shaved ice, lattes, mochis, crepes, cakes, puffs, cookies-you name it! Be sure to keep an eye out for their seasonal specials as well, like the matcha Yule logs, éclairs, and more!


Best Matcha in Montreal

Dessert Café Momo

5525 Avenue de Monkland, Montreal, H4A 1C8

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This Korean dessert shop, located in Monkland, is renowned for its unique sweets, particularly its matcha specialties. Some of their items include the famous matcha bingsu, strawberry matcha, or red bean matcha cakes, matcha macarons, and matcha lattes!

Best Matcha in Montreal
Crédit: @eats.qc via Instagram

Café Alphabet

5765 Rue Clark, Montreal, H2T 2V5

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Recently opened this summer in Montreal's historic Mile-End, Alphabet Cafe has been trending all over Tiktok. One of its famous items includes the Greek-inspired matcha freddo, a unique twist to your typical matcha latte!


Best Matcha in Montreal

Uncle Tetsu

426 Rue Guy, Montreal, H3J 1S6

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You may have tried their famous Japanese jiggly cheesecake, but have you tried their matcha cheese cake yet? If not, what about their matcha cheese tart? Make sure to check Uncle Tetsu at one of their many locations across Montreal on Mondays for some delicious matcha treats!

Best Matcha in Montreal

Noble Café

430 Avenue Laurier E, Montreal, H2J 1E5

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Summer may be behind us, but it's worth mentioning that during the warmer months, this charming street corner cafe gains fame for its refreshing matcha floats. For the rest of the year, you can always count on your beloved matcha latte.

Best Matcha in Montreal



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