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HVOR: From Their Garden to Your Plate

Stephanie Poitras

Stephanie Poitras

Jul 28, 2016


1414, rue Notre-Dame O

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Tasting menus are currently at the peak of their quality and popularity. Many new restaurants in Montreal are already making a name for themselves whether it’s by the creativity of their menus, by their sharp culinary technique or even by the accuracy of their wine pairings. It’s an obvious challenge to please all when offering a fixed menu, without even hinting to your guests what they’ll be tasting. A risky concept, of course, but very interesting nevertheless…

Photo credit: So Montréal

Walking up on Notre-Dame Street, we catch a glimpse of a beautiful green terrasse, emanating a delicate floral smell. HVOR -pronounced “vor” meaning “where” in Danish- has as a main attraction their own seasonal urban garden, containing more than 2000 plants including vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and more.

The decor, by the Montreal design firm Atelier Lovasi, portrays HVOR’s culinary concept greatly; pure, clean and refined. The overall feel of the room is fresh and elegant. The dining room can accommodate up to 75 guests, as well as a dozen more on their superb private terrasse. The garden allows for an amazing experience, eating amongst the ingredients used in the kitchen. The abundance of delicate smells create a unique atmosphere that can’t be simulated. A real gem. The perfect setting for a perfect dinner.

Photo credit: So Montréal

Two tasting menu options are available, either 3 or 5 courses, for the price of 45$ and 65$ respectively. Both can also be complimented by their own wine pairing (optional, but essential in my opinion for the ultimate experience).

At the head of the kitchen, the unique S’Arto Chartier Otis successfully conveys his passion, his creativity and his locavore philosophy. He focuses on the quality of his ingredients, providing his guests an organic and unpretentious experience. Friendly and humble, S’Arto comes regularly to the table to introduce his dishes, explaining passionately and vehemently every present component and their origin.


On the menu, local and seasonal products, as well as many fresh elements from the garden, all assembled in an innovative way. And not only innovative for the sake of being unique or different, but passionately and with a purpose. They provide an honest dining experience, requiring not to question the experience too much, but rather to trust the ingredients and the culinary artists who clearly utilize them with respect. A respect that is generously given not only to the ingredients, but also to the small local producers, and to the restaurant guests.


As for the wine, the pairing are well thought out, utilizing unique products. Here, the wine doesn’t simply match the food, it elevates it. It contrasts and accentuates the flavours greatly. The pairings are dynamic and very pleasant.

Our evening finishes with a visit of the garden. S’Arto presents many elements that were present on our plates. A unique and tangible way to implement and put forward the main concept of the restaurant. We leave HVOR with a smile on our faces, thanks to both the creativity and the passion transmitted by S’Arto and his team.

Photo credit: So Montréal

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