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The Delicious Market Cuisine at Machiavelli


We were invited to the very charming Machiavelli restaurant to spend an evening with several "foodies" as passionate about food as we are. A tasting style dinner was waiting for us, it was definitely a very successful evening.

First of all, Machiavelli’s cachet immediately puts us at ease. The fact that the restaurant is located in an old house, makes you feel like you are being hosted by someone familiar, it's very friendly and welcoming. The main dining room is quite small and accommodates up to 32 people. The room’s glass facades create a magnificent natural light.

As you move further into the restaurant, you come upon a second small room reminiscent of a small country house dining room.  This room accommodates 14 people in a cozy, romantic atmosphere.
Finally, a third room located completely in the back of Machiavelli can accommodate up to 20 people around a large square table. This space particularly charmed me, because it is away from everything else and allows groups to host private receptions. In addition to being intimate, it has its own bathroom, a coat check and direct access to the terrace which can accommodate about 40 people during warmer days.
You can feel all the love that the kitchen staff puts into each dish as you take a bite. The owner of the establishment also explains to us that their market cuisine insists greatly on the use of local products. This is a very popular aspect today, since we have wonderful products in Quebec which deserve to be discovered for their incredible quality.
Here is what we had the pleasure to taste. 
First, we receive a plate of grilled pita slices that can be enjoyed with three different dips, a pesto dip, a turkey rillette dip and a Moroccan style dip, consisting of tomatoes and many spices. The turkey rillette was our favourite for its texture and perfectly balanced taste. 

Afterwards, we had a squash soup, served in a very cute cup, and garlic escargot au gratin. Simple and full of flavour.

As a final appetizer, we were treated to a generous piece of foie gras on a slice of rye bread accompanied by a homemade mango and squash jam, and some goat cheese with candied walnuts.

To refresh the palate, a "trou normand" made of pineapple and brandy was served. This little detail is always appreciated and can prepare our taste buds for the rest of the meal.
Subsequently, we successively received four main courses.
First, a bouillabaisse consisting mainly of lobster and salmon served in a tomato broth enhanced with red curry and coconut milk, garnished with peanuts. This dish spicy and tasty!

Subsequently, we received pork chops in an apple sauce with carrots and roasted potatoes as a side. The pork was extremely tender and the sweet taste of the sauce complemented the dish perfectly.

A plate of beef bourguignon as well as gnocchi completed the service of the main meals. The beef Bourguignon was very classic, accompanied with mushrooms, pearl onions, potatoes and carrots, but very delicious and quite comforting for the fall temperatures we have right now. As for the gnocchis, they are one of Machiavelli's specialties and we totally understand why. In addition of the melting texture because of the squash, they are stuffed with mozzarella. Need I say more?

Finally, the two desserts that were served were simple and delicious. We had a coconut crème brûlée and French toast with homemade whipped cream. The French toast won my heart; they were just sweet enough, both mellow and crisp at the same time.

Machiavelli definitely deserves to be discovered for its excellent cuisine as well as for its warm welcome and the courteous service from each member of the staff!



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