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Briskets Restaurant: Gourmet Quebec Cuisine in Downtown Montreal

You Will Be Looking Forward to Mealtime!

Sep 27, 2019

Briskets Restaurant: Gourmet Quebec Cuisine in Downtown Montreal

Tired of your reheated lunch at the office? Don't want dinner to make you miss the beginning of your show? Look no further, go to BRISKETS! Back in the downtown area, the brand offers you a comforting Quebec cuisine experience. In line with the "fast-good" trend, it guarantees you a quick and gourmet meal.


 Photo Crédits : D. Boudreau Médias Inc.


Briskets, named after the tip of the beef breast, has been part of Montreal's history for some 40 years. It's specialty, Montreal smoked meat, was served at the Olympic Stadium in the 1980s! After having to leave Beaver Hall Street through the sale of the building, Briskets moved to a new location on Bleury Street, thus getting closer to its regular clientele. So, you can discover or rediscover it with confidence!

The establishment is also part of a family history. At the helm, a father who has taken his children on the adventure over the years. Gabrielle, who is in responsible for the management, talks about the restaurant with pride.  "The restaurant is a habit: Christmas with the family, birthday parties... It makes sense for me to work here!" And at BRISKETS, even the employees are loyal. Some of them have been working here since the beginning and have become references!


Photo Crédits : D. Boudreau Médias Inc.


With this new location, the restaurant took the opportunity to get a fresh look, while keeping its identity. A decor that is simple, modern and welcoming: grey with dynamic yellow and red accents, retro signs and functional tables and chairs reminiscent of the bistro style. The whole is illuminated by large photographic murals evoking the typical charm of the city. The room is spacious, allowing you to spend a pleasant moment at 4, 14 or 40!  BRISKETS regularly accommodates special events or tourist groups in the discovery Montreal flavours.


Photo Crédits : D. Boudreau Médias Inc.

THE MENU is extensive enough to vary the pleasures, but also focuses on the essentials, especially to ensure efficiency in the kitchen. Everything is homemade or sourced from trusted local producers. Smoked meat of course, but also poutines, salads, burgers or grilled meats, and even a children's menu. In terms of drinks, the essential ones are there to accompany this type of meal:  local or Canadian specialties such as Saint Ambroise beer or Cheval Blanc.

As soon as you order, a hearty, gourmet dish will quickly be placed on your table. With the "midi express" package (combos below $15) you will be able to peacefully enjoy your coffee before resuming your activities!



Photo Crédits : D. Boudreau Médias Inc.

We start our tasting with the iconic smoked meat sandwich. Originally from Eastern Europe, this dish appeared in Montreal around 1908. For a long time, it was the workers' lunch: fast, tasty, inexpensive and nutritious. That's the whole BRISKETS philosophy

For the preparation, the beef breast is marinated for several days in large cold barrels with about twenty spices including garlic, cloves, pepper, cinnamon and paprika. The meat is then smoked (which gives it its pink colour), heated in a steam bath and cut with a knife. At Briskets, the slices are thin and low in fat. As tradition dictates, the meat is surrounded by rye bread, without preservatives and from a local bakery. Pickles, coleslaw and Montreal yellow mustard complete the experience. A simple bite and we remember why we love this recipe so much!


We continue with an exclusive creation: The Dragon Burger, finished in the Top 5 for Burger Week 2019! A crispy bread with cuttlefish ink and a surprising black color, a nice homemade beef patty, onions caramelized with grenadine, flowing cheddar cheese ... Our mouths water before we take a bite! It is served with delicious homemade fries and a colorful sauce that is addictive: white wine, shallot, pepper, chili pepper, garlic and bourbon flavored spices. In the mood for something lighter?  BRISKETS does not forget you and offers to replace the fries with salad.


We then give in to the bavette poutine. Believe me, this version alone is worth a visit, and even more, to Briskets! Before you even put your fork into it, the delicious smell tickles your nostrils. With a classic poutine base: fries, grain cheese and brown sauce, the bavette version adds to the game by adding fine, melt in the mouth, pieces of cooked beef, crispy fried onions and a creamy white and shallot sauce. A real delight!


Whether you are in a hurry or a gourmet,  BRISKETS has all the ingredients to be your new favourite downtown canteen. Tasty, comforting and efficient, you will look forward to mealtime! And I put my money on the fact that the bavette Poutine will become your little Friday pleasure...


Photo Crédits : D. Boudreau Médias Inc.


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