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Le Valois restaurant
Open Now
25, Place Simon-Valois
Hochelaga-Maisonneuve / Montreal-East
(514) 528-0202
$$  French, Bistro, Market, Breakfast, Tartare
MIA Tapas Indonésiens restaurant
Opens Tuesday at 5pm
350, rue de Castelnau E
(514) 678-2308
$$,$$$  Indonesian, Market, Creative, Tapas, Seafood/Fish
Les Deux Copains restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 7am
2201, rue Fleury
(514) 508-3131
$  Breakfast, Crêpes, International, Salads, Sandwiches, Bistro
En Couleur Crêperie restaurant
Crêpes, Breakfast, Café, Sandwiches, Salads, Vegetarian
Multiple Locations
Chez Lionel restaurant
Open Now
1052, rue Lionel-Daunais
(450) 906-3886
$,$$  Bistro, Tartare, Comfort Food, Fish & Chips
Chez Chose restaurant
Opens Wednesday at 5pm
1879, rue Bélanger E
Rosemont-Petite-Patrie / Villeray-Saint-Michel
(514) 843-2152
$$,$$$  Bistro, French, Market, Regional, Contemporary/Modern, Tartare
Ikanos restaurant
Open Now
112, rue McGill
(514) 842-0867
$$$,$$$$  Seafood/Fish, Mediterranean, Greek, Tapas, Creative
Spanel restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 8am
1960, rue Notre-Dame O
Griffintown / Montreal-Southwest
(514) 507-5017
$  Crêpes, Café, Breakfast
Les Affamés restaurant
Opens Tuesday at 10am
4137, rue Ste-Catherine E
Hochelaga-Maisonneuve / Montreal-East
(514) 508-8566
$,$$  Bistro, Market, Regional, Pub Food, Sandwiches, Café
Oeuf Plus restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 6am
941, boul. du Séminaire N
(450) 359-6633
$  Breakfast, Crêpes, Sandwiches
Bocci Restaurant Bar Lounge restaurant
Open Now
1756, ave. Dollard
(514) 600-1552
$,$$  Italian, Café, Bistro, Comfort Food, Salads, Grill
Bistro-Brasserie Les Soeurs Grises restaurant
Bistro, Pub Food, Regional, Fusion, Sandwiches, Burgers, Grilled Cheese, BBQ
Multiple Locations
l'Oeuficiel restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 5:30am
670, boul. des Laurentides
Pont Viau
(450) 669-4410
$  Breakfast, Mexican, Sandwiches, Poutine, Burgers, Salads
H4C Place St-Henri restaurant
Opens Wednesday at 6pm
538, place St-Henri
Saint-Henri / Montreal-Southwest
(514) 316-7234
$$,$$$$  French, Contemporary/Modern, Market, Vegetarian, Tartare
Oeufs & Cie restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 6am
8840, boul. Leduc
Brossard / Quartier Dix30
(450) 656-8111
$  Breakfast, Crêpes, Salads, Sandwiches
Café Le Petit Flore restaurant
Open Now
1145, rue Fleury E
(514) 387-2640
$,$$  Bistro, French, Café, Breakfast, Sandwiches, Salads, Tartare
3734 Adresse Portugaise restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 11:30am
3734, rue Notre-Dame O
Saint-Henri / Montreal-Southwest
(514) 303-0877
$,$$  Market, Mediterranean, Breakfast, Café, Portuguese
Le Bazou restaurant
Open Now
4817, boul. Taschereau
Greenfield Park / Brossard
(450) 462-1006
$  Comfort Food, Burgers, Poutine, Fish & Chips, Salads
Restaurant Coco Mania restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 6am
1083, boul. Curé-Labelle
Blainville / Sainte-Thérèse
(450) 818-2223
$  Breakfast, Crêpes, Pizza, Sandwiches, Greek, Mediterranean, Burgers, Vegetarian, Poutine, Salads
L'Gros Luxe Deluxe restaurant
Open Now
451, ave. Duluth E
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal / Avenue Duluth
(438) 387-6127
$,$$  Bistro, Burgers, Vegetarian, Poutine, Comfort Food, Grilled Cheese
Le Breakfast Club & Moulerie restaurant
Open Now
7579, boul. Taschereau
(450) 926-2224
$  Breakfast, Bistro
Rosewood restaurant
Opens Tuesday at 5pm
60, rue St-Jaques
(514) 843-8585
$$  International, Pub Food, Burgers, Creative
Restaurant Bar Le Quartz restaurant
Open Now
2225, Autoroute des Laurentides
(450) 682-9600-ext--1
$$  French, Mediterranean, Market
La Dinette Montréal-Est restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 8am
7066A, rue Sherbrooke E
Hochelaga-Maisonneuve / Montreal-East
(438) 386-7066
$  Breakfast, Crêpes, Café, Grilled Cheese, Market
Bon-D restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 7am
3036, rue Masson
Villeray-Saint-Michel / Rosemont-Petite-Patrie
(514) 721-2233
$,$$  Café, Breakfast, International, Market, Tapas, Creative, Tartare, Fish & Chips, Burgers
La Demande Generale restaurant
Open Now
3443, rue St-Denis
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal / Rue St-Denis
(514) 849-5000
$,$$  Market, Regional, Bistro, Canadian, Comfort Food, Smokehouse, Pizza, Tartare
Thursday's restaurant
Open Now
1449, rue Crescent
Crescent Street / Downtown
(514) 288-5656
$$,$$$  French, Bistro, Pub Food, Tartare
Invitation V Bistro Vegan restaurant
Opens Tuesday at 11:30am
254, rue Bernard O
Mile-End / Outremont
(514) 271-8111
$$  Bistro, Vegan, Organic/Bio, International, Vegetarian, Healthy
Chez Lévêque restaurant
Open Now
1030, ave. Laurier O
Outremont / Mile-End
(514) 279-7355
$$,$$$  French, Bistro, Tartare
Le Rusé Renard restaurant
Open Now
1400, route 117
(819) 320-0091
$,$$  Bistro, Regional, Market, Comfort Food, Breakfast, Pizza, Pasta, Burgers, Sandwiches, Tartare
Bistro L'Enchanteur restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 8am
7331, ave. Henri-Julien
Villeray-Saint-Michel / Parc-Extension
(514) 273-4766
$,$$  Bistro, Breakfast, Burgers, Market, French
Taqueria Arturo restaurant
Open Now
64, rue Prince Arthur E
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal / Mile-End
(514) 400-7050
$  Mexican, Fusion
BarBounya restaurant
Open Now
234, ave. Laurier O
Mile-End / Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
(514) 439-8858
$$,$$$  Turkish, Mediterranean, Tapas, Vegetarian
Pur & Simple restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 6am
2147, boul. des Laurentides
Vimont / Auteuil
(450) 669-6800
$  Healthy, Breakfast, Juice Bar & Smoothies, Crêpes, Salads, Sandwiches, Vegetarian, Café, Burgers, Comfort Food
Tapas 24 restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 11:30am
420, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Local 4
(514) 849-4424
$$,$$$  Tapas, Spanish
Le Chat Noir restaurant
Open Now
39, rue Notre-Dame O
Old-Montreal/Old-Port / Downtown
(514) 286-1200
$,$$  French, Grill, International, Market, Seafood/Fish, Comfort Food, Bistro, Vegetarian, Tartare, Burgers
Universel Déjeuners et Grillades restaurant
Open Now
3630, rue St-Denis
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal / Rue St-Denis
(514) 598-7136
$  International, Breakfast, Grill, Burgers, Pasta, Grilled Cheese
Bistro L'Alsacien restaurant
Opens Wednesday at 11:30am
240, rue Sainte-Marie
La Prairie
(450) 907-4250
$,$$  French, Bistro
Vieux-Port Steakhouse restaurant
Open Now
39, rue St-Paul E
(514) 418-0630
$$,$$$  Seafood/Fish, Grill, Steakhouse
Coco Loco restaurant
Breakfast, Crêpes, Healthy, Juice Bar & Smoothies
Multiple Locations
Brasserie 701 restaurant
Open Now
701, Côte de la Place d'Armes
(514) 819-2242
$$,$$$  Creative, Eclectic, Tapas, International, Breakfast, Fusion, Burgers, Tartare
Resto De La Place restaurant
Opens Tomorrow at 5:30am
59, Montée Robert
(450) 441-5634
$  Canadian, Breakfast
Atlas Pizza restaurant
Pizza, Pasta, Comfort Food, Breakfast, Poutine
Multiple Locations
Universel Déjeuners et Grillades restaurant
International, Grill, Breakfast, Burgers, Pasta, Grilled Cheese
Multiple Locations
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L'Gros Luxe Deluxe
451, ave. Duluth E
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
L'Gros Luxe
150, rue Bernard O
L'Gros Luxe
2472, rue Notre-Dame O
Little Burgundy
L'Gros Luxe
217, rue St-Charles O
Café Souvenir
1261, ave. Bernard
30, rue Valmont
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Scala 20
259, boul. Curé-Labelle
Le Restaurant du MAC
185, rue Ste-Catherine O.
Licence IV
1524, rue Notre-Dame O
3979, rue St-Denis
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