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Weekly events at Bon Appétit Chéri

Weekly events at Bon Appétit Chéri

15 déc., 2017 - 16 déc., 2024

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7 Commentaires

I used to go here all of the time when it was Portovino and loved it. Not sure if it is because we were a large group (about 30 people) but the experience was terrible. We noticed other tables with our group receiving baskets of bread however we didn’t get any, not sure if you have to ask? Would have been nice to have something while we waited for our appetizers. By that time our main courses were being served so we didn’t bother. It took FOREVER to get our food (which I get we are a large group but this was beyond reasonable in my opinion) and one person at our table was served 10 minutes after the rest of us. When it came time for dessert, half our table was served and we finished our desserts by the time the other half was served. The coffee came when we had ALL finished our desserts. I think that when a large group reserves perhaps they should have a fixed menu or increase the staff. It is a BYOW which was a plus. The food (when we got it) was pretty good. Not sure if I’d go back with just a couple of people but definitely wouldn’t organize an event there!

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