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Cheese, Gravy, Fries... The Best Poutine in Montreal

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Did someone say poutine?

For many of us poutine means the perfect combination of a very specific cheese, an unctuous brown sauce and delicious homemade fries. Although not really recommended if you are on a diet, we can all agree on one thing, the dish is definitely a French Canadian favourite and we can’t live without it. Here are our favorite suggestions for Poutine in Montreal and surroundings.

Ma Poule Mouillée

Although the restaurant Ma Poule Mouillée specializes in classic Portuguese cuisine, their poutine is worth any detour. You will find the key elements of the traditional poutine, but with a special touch. They replace the cheese curds with a firm Portuguese cheese called São Jorge and they add chorizo. The addition of this salty meat will knock you off your chair.

Paulo et Suzanne

Open since 1980, Paulo and Suzanne is loved by its regular customers mainly for its friendliness and authenticity. Located across from Sacré-Coeur Hospital, they serve snackbar classics made with love every day. On the poutine menu, classic poutines as well as some very creative ones are offered.

Chez Tousignant

This retro-style neighbourhood snack bar opened a few years ago to offer homemade "real snack bar food". Poutine wise, they kept it simple by offering of course the classic poutine, but also a “galvaude” poutine, with peas and chicken or the “all beef" poutine for those who have a good appetite. Chez Tousignant, is the perfect place for your fast food cravings!

Gras Dur

The restaurant Le Gras Dur located in Villeray is a bit like the headquarters of the food trucks by the same owner. The restaurant menu combines some elements of each of the food trucks in addition of having its own specialties. Two of the poutines offered have already won prizes in the past: the Tousqui poutine and the cheeseburger poutine. Watch for them during Poutine Week 2019 because they have more than one trick up their sleeve.


With its many locations, PoutineVille is spreading joy all over the city one poutine at a time! When we hear PoutineVille we automatically expect that many choices of poutine must be offered, well yes! Listing them would take too long, but we can tell you that there is a poutine for everyone, without any doubt. For those who love challenges, they offer you the opportunity to order the "heart attack" poutine which weighs nearly 15 pounds. Good luck!

Patati Patata

It's right in the heart of St. Laurent Boulevard, more precisely at the corner of Rachel Street, that Patati Patata has been offering the best fries for over 20 years now. As fries are one of their specialties, you can imagine that their poutines are excellent. Simple poutines without any extras, allow you to enjoy the essentials of a really good poutine.

Maison Saint-Paul

It is clear that snack bar poutines have a little something that makes us particularly nostalgic; on the other hand, sometimes we feel fancy and a regular poutine isn't enough. That's why we’ve added the poutine from Maison Saint-Paul to this list. They serve a completely decadent poutine made of filet mignon, lobster, foie gras and a cheese from Saguenay called Kénogami. It is kind of too much, but soooo good!

A. A.

The Restaurant A.A. is a must in the Saint-Henri district. For several decades, André, the owner, has put a smile on his customers' faces. The classic poutine is everything you could asked for: crispy homemade fries, thick gravy and a generous amount of cheese curds. You won’t be disappointed. While you're there, take the time to chat with André; he's full of stories to tell.

La Banquise

Ah the famous La Banquise! No need to tell you more, this place is so well known that even tourists stop there during their stay in Montreal to try their poutines. Guacamole, sausage, hot peppers, ground beef, mushrooms, sour cream, fried chicken, tomatoes, Swiss cheese; these are some of the ingredients that you can find inside the twenty something choices of poutines available. This place is definitely poutine heaven!

Au Pied de Cochon

Au Pied de Cochon is known for its out of the ordinary "gluttonous" menu. The owner Martin Picard has created a menu that to this day still impresses every person who goes there. If you want a light gourmet meal, do not opt for this restaurant, but the poutine is worth the detour as is the rest of the menu. A generous poutine with foie gras will be served, ensuring that you don't leave hungry.

Paul Patate

Paul Patate has served snack bar classics in Pointe Saint-Charles since 1958. This restaurant brings together young and old in need of steamed hot-dogs and a poutine with a spruce beer in hand! Residents of this area know Paul Patate very well and only have good things to say.  If you want a good classic poutine; it's worth the trip to the South-West of the island!

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