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CITYArticle: Best Burgers Available on DoorDash

Best Burgers Available on DoorDash

DoorDash delivers these delicious burgers to you

By updated: Oct 27, 2020
Best Burgers Available on DoorDash

Although the Burger week ended not long ago, you may have missed out or are still in the mood for burgers. If you want to enjoy some delicious burgers in the comfort of your own home, we've created a list below of the best burgers available to order on DoorDash.  


Uniburger restaurants are offering burgers made with 100% Canadian AAA ground beef. Each burger can be custom  made exactly the way you want it, with the toppings of your choice. The most popular burger is the Uniburger Double made with beef, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and their famous Uniburger and of course extra bacon served on Martin's bun! Pair it with a milkshake and you'll be fully satisfied. 

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3 Brasseurs

Les 3 Brasseurs are microbreweries where delicious craft beers are brewed and tasty comfort food is served such as their delicious burgers ! Order online on DoorDash to get their signature 3 Brasseurs burger, made with a beef patty, their house maple and beer sauce, smoked gouda, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and red onions. One bite will convince you!

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Bistro L'Évidence

Located on St-Denis Street between Plateau Mont-Royal and Quartier Latin districts, Bistro L'Évidence is a French bistro where traditional and healthy recipes are cooked with fresh and tasty ingredients. Like any good bistro, a wide selection of burgers can be found on the menu, which you can order on DoorDash!

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Bowhead Pub

Bowhead Pub is the first pub in Montreal where all the food is plant-based. They serve amazing comfort food the way you like it, but without animal products. You will be won over by their gourmet burgers made with "faux" meat, which are so good won't believe they're vegan.

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Le Gras Dur

Le Gras Dur is the best of options if you are in the mood for a cheat day. Although very copious, Le Gras Dur is very popular for their homemade BBQ-type cuisine. Order one of their more traditional burgers or indulge in something more daring, like the peanut butter and sriracha burger or even the one with Nutella and bacon.

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Twisted Burger

At Twisted Burger, you'll be served a mix of Mexican, American and contemporary inspired cuisine to provide you with the most delicious and varied menu in town. Order online the classic and non-classic burgers with additional assorted ingredients, in addition to a wide variety of sides, which will give you a unique and tasty experience!

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It's clear that the A&W restaurant chain doesn't need to be introduced! Find your favorite burgers like the Teen Burger, the Beyond Meat and the Cheddar & Bacon Uncle Burger right on DoorDash for a quick and easy delivery.

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Grand Burger Blvd 

Grand Burger Blvd is a snack bar that stands out for the quality of the food they serve. As the name suggests, their specialty is of course burgers, which they take great care to provide you with the best quality possible. In addition to being delicious, they are affordable, and are perfect for a little snack or to satisfy the hungriest ones.

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Allons Burger 

Allons Burger is made up of a passionate team that strives to bring you the best. All of their burgers are made with 100% Canadian beef that is always fresh, never frozen, and served with tasty coleslaw or Russian salads. Let yourself be tempted by the MTL Burger made of beef, Smoked Meat, pickles, coleslaw, mustard and Swiss cheese.

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Dic Ann's

Dic Ann's reputation is well established. They've been serving unique burgers since 1954. Find a dozen choices of their popular thin burgers. The cheeseburger will always be a staple, especially because of their delicious and spicy house sauce. In addition to its succulent burgers, Dic Ann's claims to serve the best poutine in Montreal!

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