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CITYArticle: Best Spots for a Fondue / Hot Pot Night in Montreal

Best Spots for a Fondue / Hot Pot Night in Montreal

Fondue is a unifying dish suitable for any occasion!

By updated: Jan 10, 2024
Best Spots for a Fondue / Hot Pot Night in Montreal
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Warm and comforting, savory or sweet, a traditional dish from many regions of the world, a delicious fondue is always welcome when it comes to sharing a generous meal with friends. 

Montreal's hot pot offerings are a symphony of sensations, from the hiss of ingredients meeting the pot to the savouring of perfectly cooked bites.

Whether it's cheese, Chinese, Japanese, Bourguignonne, or chocolate, here are the best places to eat fondue, all categories included, in Montreal and its surroundings.

In this exploration of the city's hot pot scene, we unravel the layers of flavours that make each establishment unique. Join us in discovering the communal spirit, rich broths, and culinary artistry that define Montreal's hot pot culture, where the dining experience is as simmering and memorable as the pots themselves.


94, rue Ste-Anne, Ouest-de-l'Île (Montréal), H9X 1L8

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Located on the waterfront in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, La Fondue du Prince is the perfect romantic spot. You can eat Chinese fondue (Quebec version), cheese fondue, and chocolate fondue. Each of them has several versions, you just have to choose the one that pleases you the most!

Best Fondue in Montreal


75, rue de La Gauchetière, Montréal, H2Z 1C2

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We are headed for a Japanese fondue with Shabu Shabu Kagayaki. The fondue comes with an assortment of vegetables, thinly sliced meat, rice, noodles, homemade sauces, and a choice of broth prepared on-site. Don't hesitate to take a potato salad as well, the Japanese version is excellent!


Best Fondue / Hot Pot night in Montreal


1059, rue Gilford, Montréal, H2J 1P7

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Eating a good Swiss cheese fondue, bringing your favorite bottle of wine to go with it and a friendly atmosphere is perfect for warming your heart! The fondues come with the charcuterie of the day or in a vegetarian version.

Best spots for a Fondue / Hot Pot night in Montreal


186, rue Sainte-Marie, Terrebonne/Lachenaie, J6W 3E1

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In the Old Terrebonne, you can enjoy good cheese, Burgundy, forest, Chinese, and/or chocolate fondues. Various formulas are available such as for individuals, couples or groups. Complete the package with a good bottle from their cellar.

Best spots for a Fondue / Hot Pot night in Montreal


2121 Boulevard le Carrefour, Laval, H7S 1Z4

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123Dzo in Laval offers fondues only during the winter season, with a "sweet & sour" seafood broth. Otherwise, the menu features tapas fusing Vietnamese tradition and modernity.

Best spots for a Fondue / Hot Pot night in Montreal


50 Rue de la Gauchetiere O, Montréal, H2Z 1C1

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This Mongolian fondue has been established in Chinatown for many years, and its reputation is well-established. You select one or more broths and then the rest is up to you according to your preferences. You can go vegetarian or mix it up!

Best spots for a Fondue / Hot Pot night in Montreal


1224, rue Crescent, Montréal, H3G 2A9

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With more than 1000 restaurants worldwide, this restaurant serves Chinese hotpots at will without losing quality. All the broths are prepared with authentic recipes and they offer a wide variety of foods for all palates. 


358, rue Notre-Dame, suite 90, Repentigny, J6A 5L4

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It is since 1989 that people can taste generous fondues in Repentigny at La Chaudronnée Suisse. In addition to the fine selection of wines, there are more than 10 types of fondues: meat, cheese, Italian, marinara, and more.

Best spots for a Fondue / Hot Pot night in Montreal


Multiple locations

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In Brossard, Fondue Pékin offers a menu of authentic Chinese fondues. A wide selection of vegetables, meat, seafood, noodles and side dishes are available. Select whether you'd like one or two broths, and that's it!

Best spots for a Fondue night in Montreal

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