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Fish & Chips: British Food at Its Best

Feb 01, 2019
Fish & Chips: British Food at Its Best
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Brit & Chips

Brit & Chips is one of the restaurants that will inevitably be named when speaking of fish and chips in Montreal. Presenting a menu offering a great mix of local and English cuisine, you can taste this dish in all its forms. Seven choices of fish are available with different breading such as black beer, maple syrup, chipotle or orange crush.

Les Enfants Terribles

Les Enfants Terribles are known for their family-friendly atmosphere and their comfort food. Fish and chips are obviously part of the comfort food category, this is why this list includes Les Enfants Terribles. It serves a fairly standard version made with Newfoundland cod accompanied by a cabbage salad with a sweet jalapeño dressing.
Look at that crispy breading!

Comptoir 21

Comptoir 21 is definitely a Montreal institution for fish and chips. Open for 8 years, you can enjoy their delicious food in three different locations in Montreal. Their fish & chips are made using cod and a wide variety of homemade sauces is offered. According to the regular clients, their clam chowder is also one of the most popular dishes on the menu.

Lucille’s Oyster Dive

Known for its tasty oysters and traditional seafood dishes since 2009, Lucille's Oyster Drive modernizes classic dishes to please your taste buds. Their incomparably fresh fish and chips are covered with a delicious beer batter that you will remember.

Pub Burgundy Lion

The Burgundy Lion is a very unique modern English pub. They have an impressive variety of Scotch and whiskey as well as typical British dishes. As you may have guessed, a fish & chips is available on the menu: classic cod fillet in a beer batter, the Burgundy Lion Ale, served with crispy fries, mashed green peas and a tartar sauce.

Ye Old Orchard Pub & Grill

Since 1996, the Ye Old Orchard Pub has been serving comforting home-cooked meals and thirst-quenching beers. It's in a friendly Celtic pub atmosphere that you can enjoy their red cod fish & chips also served in a beer batter. You can visit one of their six locations!


La Queue de Poisson

La Queue de Poisson is different from the other places mentioned in this list because it is actually both a fish market and a restaurant. You can stop by to buy your favorite fish to cook at home or settle down and let them serve you dishes made exclusively of fish or seafood of an incomparable freshness. Regarding the fish & chips options,  choose from cod, haddock, salmon or shrimp, accompanied by a choice of sauce, fries and salad.

Restaurant Ad Hoc

The Ad Hoc restaurant located on Ontario Street is known for its fish & chips and mussels. This small unpretentious restaurant offers fresh ingredients, for maximum flavor in the dishes. You can order the cod fish and chips, the haddock fish and chips or half and half. A gluten-free option is also available for those who prefer that option.




Pickles offers the best hamburgers and fish and chips in Saint-Eustache! With its warm atmosphere, this is the kind of place where flavors are in the spotlight. Choose from cod, haddock or walleye for your fish & chips and enjoy a classic cabbage salad and crispy fries as a side dish.



Le Shack du Pêcheur

Le Shack du Pêcheur welcomes you to enjoy their excellent fish, carefully prepared so that everyone can enjoy them. All the products that are prepared on site are cooked respecting authentic tastes. You will be surprised to see the wide range of fish & chips they offer. Whether it's the classic beer batter, panko or lemon and fennel batter, there is really something for everyone.

Bidon Taverne Culinaire

The Bidon Taverne Culinaire offers you a glimpse of Montreal bistronomy in the heart of Saint-Lambert. A generous and authentic menu awaits you, in a rustic and warm atmosphere. Although the fish and chips is fairly classic, you will still love its unique taste!

See related results: Montreal Seafood/Fish Restaurants


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