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The Best Places to Eat with Your Family in Montreal!

A gourmet School Break.

Feb 25, 2022
The Best Places to Eat with Your Family in Montreal!
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Family time is precious, especially in a fast-paced world. Being able to gather around a meal with your kids and create beautiful memories is priceless and we know it.

We've gathered the best family-friendly restaurants in and around Montreal in this article.


Kimpo's two locations in Boucherville and Brossard are perfect for a fun and dynamic meal with your children. The all-you-can-eat barbecue and sushi menu will allow your children to (re)discover Korean flavors. Plus, the experience is interactive, as they can also cook their favorite meats, fish, and vegetables on the grill under your supervision. There are lots of items available on the menu! A wonderful formula to create unforgettable moments.  

Kimpo Korean BBQ


It all started with 3 brothers and a passion for food and creating cocktails. This bistro has always been kid-friendly with options that easily accommodate them. Enjoy a family sharing platter featuring poutine, pork loin, chicken wings, loukanika, and salad. If you feel like enjoying it at home and not having to worry about cooking, La Demande Générale offers several prepared meals that are sure to please everyone! 

La Demande Générale Valleyfield


It's not uncommon to see kids at Fanfare for brunch or to share a pizza. Kids can enjoy excellent homemade pastries, quiche, or pizza to share. 3 different concepts under the same roof allow you to find different types of atmospheres and dishes depending on the time of the day you go there. Everything is prepared on-site by the chef-owner with fresh and seasonal ingredients. Watch for the slate that changes according to the period and the products available. It is a friendly setting to take your children while enjoying a good meal.  




Since the opening of the first restaurant in 2008 in Outremont, they have not stopped growing and opening new branches to allow easy access to all epicureans. Located in different parts of Montreal and the province, you can find different atmospheres that are both festive and family-oriented. Your little ones are sure to find something they like on the kids' menu. Reserve online at the branch of your choice or opt for their ready-to-eat meals.  

Les Enfants Terribles


A neighborhood café in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and soon in the Village, it's as much a place to study as it is a family place.  The owners' warm welcome, Pierre and/or Amélie, will make you feel at home. The dishes and pastries are prepared on-site with personalized classic recipes. A children's menu is available as well as a play area! Choose whatever you like to sit on the couches, kitchen chairs, or desk chairs. A quality time with your little ones or not so little!  

Canard Café


What could be more pleasant than to get together for a good meal with your family? At Restaurant Fondue le Neuf, you get the pleasure of cooking together enjoying meat, vegetables, tofu, etc. in different broths that you will experience. An ideal place to (re)discover authentic Chinese flavors with your children, this restaurant allows you to choose all the ingredients you would like to have in your fondue. Reservations are made via the WhatsApp application.  



Located in the Marché de l'Ouest in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Guaca&Mole will transport you to Mexico in a few bites. The restaurant is colorful and offers a wide variety of Mexican dishes to share. On weekday lunches, their menu includes a soup of the day or a small Mexican salad, a main dish, and coffee or tea. Consult their website for all the promotions. Enjoy soups, salads, burritos, tacos, bowls, or different Mexican dishes as a main course. Easy to eat for the kids, these dishes will entertain them at the same time!  

Guaca & Mole


As a non-profit restaurant, the Robin des Bois team is mainly made up of volunteers. Not only do they organize day camps for children during the summer to familiarize them with the kitchen, but their menu is also easily adapted to them. You can customize each of your plates by choosing all the items you want to eat. The profits are automatically redistributed to organizations that are dear to the team. 

Robin des Bois


One option for great family time is in a steakhouse. There is always a good atmosphere, generous plates, and excellent service. The various Keg Steakhouse locations offer a children's menu where they can choose from chicken strips, Keg mini burgers, cheese noodles, or even a kids sirloin. All they have to do is choose the side dish and smoothie they want to have for a complete meal! Now, all you have to do is make a reservation at the location nearest you!

The Keg Steakhouse


With a menu focused on chocolate, the multiple branches of Juliette et Chocolat will delight young and old alike! We go there to enjoy a dessert, a snack, a brunch, or even a savory dish. You will also find a children's menu which includes a main dish and dessert. If you want to enjoy it at home with the kids, place an order on their online store, they have different products such as hot chocolate, fondues, chocolate bars, the famous red pastry hat, brownies, and more! Whatever you do, it will be an unforgettable moment surrounded by chocolate! 



After a day of activities in Old Montreal, head over to Bevo Bar+Pizzeria with the kids to share a meal in a magical setting. Order one of the wonderful pizzas straight out of the wood oven or opt for a generous plate of pasta. To end off the meal, get the delicious Nutella pizza, super fun to share and enjoy together! Book online for a quality Italian feast!


Spring break is the perfect opportunity to get out with your family and create magical moments and what could be more unifying than a meal shared?

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