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Best Avocado Toast in Montreal

As much photogenic as it is delicious!

updated: Nov 22, 2022

Best Avocado Toast in Montreal

The origin of the famous avocado toast is debated by many between Australia and Latin America. One thing is sure, it is in California that the concept exploded a few years ago.

It is now very common to find avocado toast on a Montreal brunch menu. While some will stick to classic recipes, many add a personalized twist. 

Here are our favorite places to find avocado toast in greater Montreal.


4615, boul. St-Laurent, Montréal, H2T 1R2

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Australian-inspired Café Melbourne is known for serving excellent gourmet brunches. The avocado toast features toasted sourdough bread, avocado, toasted halloumi, tomato & chili jam, mixed nuts, soft egg, tomato, and roasted onions. 

Best Avocado Toast in Montreal


6000, boul. de Rome, Quartier Dix30, J4Y 0B6

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Café du Théâtre is located in the Quartier Dix30 district and will offer you a memorable gastronomic experience. Every weekend, enjoy their brunch menus, including the homemade avocado and smoked salmon tartine-organic toasted bread, herbed cheese, avocado, tomatoes, smoked salmon, and mirror egg.

Best Avocado Toast in Montreal


3824, rue St-Patrick, Montréal, H4E 1A4

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Eating while being able to bring your dog along is nice, isn't it? Ruby Café is located in DoggieVille, so feel free to bring your friends (furry or not). The menu was developed with the chef from Passé Composé: Arnaud Glay... a guarantee of quality and creativity. The tartine is prepared with a salad of avocado, red onion, baby arugula, country bread, rosemary marinated feta, poached egg, sour cream of radish, poppy seeds, and arugula pods.

Best Avocado Toast in Montreal


Multiple locations

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An institution in terms of brunch in Montreal, this restaurant serves not only classic Jewish recipes but also an excellent avocado tartine. It consists of mashed avocado, tomato, mirror egg, sprouts, and a homemade hot sauce. 

Best Avocado Toast in Montreal


1524, rue Notre-Dame O, Montréal, H3C 1L1

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Coffee and bakery originating in New York, it is in Griffintown that we find Maman in Montreal. We go there to sit and eat in a warm and cozy decor. Avocado toast is one of the favorite items and with good reason. Prepared with tomatoes, cilantro, onion, lime, pumpkin seeds, sea salt, and chili seeds on a loaf of good country bread.

Best Avocado Toast in Montreal


Multiple locations

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A neighborhood café and bar, they now have several locations in the greater Montreal area. On your next visit, let yourself be tempted by the avo toast with the original recipe, the Greek, or even with salmon.  

Best Avocado Toast in Montreal


2471, rue Notre-Dame O., Montréal, H3J 1N6

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If this place is always crowded with people, it's not for nothing! The coffee is great, the atmosphere is perfect for coffee and/or food and the menu was thought up by Kevin Tolton). They are a must in town with their avocado toast with honey, cilantro, pumpkin seeds, and poached egg.

Best Avocado Toast in Montreal


701, Côte de la Place d'Armes, Montréal, H2Y 2X6

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Whether or not you're staying at the Place d'Armes Hotel, Brasserie 701 is a great stop in Old Montreal. The French brasserie serves all meals including the famous brunch with delicious avocado toast. Cherry tomato salsa, crispy prosciutto, poached eggs, and hash browns. 

Best Avocado Toast in Montreal


Multiple locations

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Every Saturday and Sunday, head to one of the LOV branches for an all-vegan brunch. The avocado toast will charm you with its mashed avocado, microgreens, slices of radish and avocado sauce on toasted bread.Best Avocado Toast in Montreal


1995, rue Masson, Montréal, H2H 1A5

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This family-run neighborhood restaurant is welcoming and serves generous plates. Among the great classics, there is the gigantic avocado toast. Available in vegan or non-vegan versions, you can be sure that both recipes will delight your taste buds.Best Avocado Toast in Montreal

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