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CITYArticle: Top 10 Pastry & Dessert Themed Montreal Restaurants Now on DoorDash

Top 10 Pastry & Dessert Themed Montreal Restaurants Now on DoorDash

Your favorite desserts delivered directly to you!

By updated: Oct 27, 2020
Top 10 Pastry & Dessert Themed Montreal Restaurants Now on DoorDash

Montreal is home to many of the best dessert shops in the country. From macaroons to croissants and Greek donut holes (a.k.a. Loukoumades) to crêpes and waffles, this city has everything to satisfy your sweet tooth. Luckily for those that are craving sweets, we have compiled a list of the best dessert shops on DoorDash so you can order online and have them delivered directly to you.

Desserts ETC

Desserts ETC is known as a benchmark for many delicious desserts in Montreal. If you dream of being able to eat cakes, macaroons, cupcakes, cookies, and pastries at home, don't wait any longer and order now. Your cravings for sweets will be fulfilled with the tasty desserts from Desserts ETC!

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Mr. Puffs

If you haven't tried these little divine bites, this is your chance! Mr. Puffs offers you traditional Greek donut holes also called "loukoumades". These small sweet balls are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and can be topped with many choices such as chocolate hazelnut, salted or creamy caramel, maple cream, sugar, and cinnamon as well as crushed oreo, KitKat, and smarties.

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L'Oeufrier is a popular breakfast restaurant that has several locations in Montreal. Their menu has many enticing options to choose from. If you are looking for something sweet, you'll find pancakes with bananas and Nutella, waffles with custard and maple syrup, and as well brioche to name a few.

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Boulangerie Chez Fred

Chez Fred is an artisan bakery where everything is made by hand with a lot of love. DoorDash lets you savor their pastries, viennoiseries, and delicious bread at the comfort of your home.

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Rockaberry is especially known for its decadent pies. Among those available on DoorDash, you will find a cheese pie and apple crumble, a "key lime" pie, a mille-feuille style pie or even the chocolate and hazelnut pie to name a few. The pies are so delicious you will be wishing you ordered more!

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Cacao 70 Eatery

Chocolate lovers will be served with Cacao 70! You will find all your favorite chocolate treats available to order online such as cakes, waffles, crêpes, fondues as well as tasty churros.

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Café Milano

This popular café offers you many kinds of much-loved Italian pastries such as; cannoli, biscotti, Nutella sticks, and zeppole. Café Milano makes sure to fill your stomach with all these delights.

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Les Glaceurs

If we talk about cupcakes, Les Glaceurs is definitely a reference in Montreal. You will be impressed by the large selection of cupcakes they put at your disposal, you will find flavours such as cookies and cream, choco-praline, choco ganache caramel, vanilla-salted caramel, and more. Gluten-free options are also at your disposal. Available in boxes of two, four, or six on DoorDash, Les Glaceurs even offers you to add candles to your order so you can celebrate a special occasion with your cupcakes!

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Les Brunchs de Mathieu

Brunching at home becomes even easier and more enjoyable with Les Brunchs de Mathieu! Treat yourself to their homemade pancakes and desserts without the hassle. Many classic brunch items are available on DoorDash and if you plan to gather with friends, the box of pancakes to share for 15 people is a must.

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Chatime offers you drinks of Taiwanese origin better known as "bubble tea". You will find on DoorDash an endless selection of beverages, with, of course, the large tapioca pearls that accompany them.

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