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CITYArticle: From Lima to Montreal: the Best Peruvian Restaurants to Discover

From Lima to Montreal: the Best Peruvian Restaurants to Discover

These must-try Peruvian dishes: ceviches, tiraditos, and aji de gallina

By updated: Jan 23, 2024
From Lima to Montreal: the Best Peruvian Restaurants to Discover
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Explore the vibrant essence of Peruvian cuisine in Montreal, a feast where fragrant grills, exquisite ceviches, and sumptuous desserts enchant gourmets. The city's culinary scene is an invitation to a gastronomic journey, infused with Peruvian delights that captivate even the most discerning palates.

Dive into a unique culinary experience where each bite transports you to Peru, merging diverse influences to create a symphony of flavours. Embark on a gustatory adventure where the streets of Montreal transform into avenues of Peruvian delights.

Discover Peruvian gastronomy in the heart of Montreal, where exotic flavours and rich culinary influences converge. From refreshing ceviches to savoury Lomo Saltado, each dish embodies the heritage of a blended cuisine, fusing indigenous, European, African, and Asian traditions. Immerse yourself in the intoxicating aromas of Pisco Sour, indulge in the unique texture of Causa, and explore a world of delights where Montreal becomes the stage for an unforgettable Peruvian gastronomic journey.


1076 Rue de Bleury, Montréal, H2Z 1N2

View More  (514) 866-6776

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Tiradito, a Peruvian bistro, offers a unique experience in a 2,000-square-foot space with a large central bar. Chef Marcel Olivier Larrea presents Nikkei cuisine, a Japanese-Peruvian fusion, with colourful and spicy dishes for sharing. The diverse menu includes options for pescado, verduras, carne, and Peruvian-influenced cocktails like the Pisco Sour. Tiradito captivates with its dynamism, service, decor, and delightful menus, making it a must-visit in Montreal.

Best Peruvian Restaurants in Montreal


1080 Rue de Bleury, Montréal, H2Z 1N2

View More  (514) 543-8488


Chifa, adjacent to Tiradito and part of the same group, offers Sino-Peruvian cuisine in the heart of Montreal. Chef Marcel Larrea reinterprets the Chifa tradition, created by the Chinese diaspora in Peru in the 19th century. The restaurant offers a short menu of unique dishes, modernizing classics like arroz chaufa and lomo saltado. Tapas-style portions encourage sharing, while the cocktail menu features beautiful creations like the "Senchuwal," a Chinese tea-infused margarita.

Best Peruvian Restaurants in Montreal


4552 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, H2J 2L3

View More  (514) 282-9000

Barranco, a Peruvian restaurant on Saint-Denis Street in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal, offers modern cuisine with authentic Peruvian flavours. Inspired by the Barranco neighbourhood in Lima, the founders decorated the restaurant accordingly. The festive brunch on weekends, featuring a menu created by chefs Arnaud Glay, Daniel Silva, and Michelangelo Micelo, is a city favourite. Mixologist Fidel Vasquez, co-owner, dazzles with exotic house cocktails featuring pisco. The wine list, focused on private imports, offers variety for all palates. Barranco, an urban venue with a clear passion for Peruvian cuisine.

Best Peruvian Restaurants in Montreal

Nikkei MTL

1577 Avenue Laurier E, Montreal, H2J 1J1

View More  (514) 492-1577

Located on Laurier Street, the newest addition to the Barranco group, Nikkei MTL, has quickly won the hearts of Montrealers with a Nikkei-style menu, a fusion of Japan and Peru. The cocktails are a must-try during your visit.

Peruvian Restaurants in Montreal


4701 Rue Wellington, Montréal, H4G 1X2

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In Verdun, discover Villa Wellington, a renowned Peruvian restaurant for its authentic cuisine inspired by traditional craftsmanship. Offering a delicious variety of grills, ceviches, and sumptuous desserts, each dish is prepared with real ingredients from the South. Explore traditional Peruvian cuisine with favourites like mixed ceviche with fish and seafood, offered in generous portions. Villa Wellington, a family restaurant, invites you to enjoy hearty meat dishes and a varied selection of seafood, all at excellent value, in a warm atmosphere.

Peruvian Restaurants in Montreal


7183 Rue St-Hubert, Montréal, H2R 2N2

View More  (438) 390-4234

CEVICHE71, a family-run establishment, offers some of the city's best ceviches and jaleas. Specializing in Peruvian cuisine, ceviche takes the spotlight with authentic flavours. Discover the best of Peruvian gastronomy in a modern setting, savouring dishes such as  "cause acevichada," "tiradito," and desserts like alfajor and crema volteada.


Peruvian Restaurants in Montreal


6580 Boulevard St-Laurent, Montréal, H2S 3C6

View More  (514) 277-9390

Located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Chicho's offers comforting Peruvian cuisine, featuring dishes like ceviche, tallarin saltado, and Peruvian grilled chicken. Accommodating about thirty people, the restaurant creates a warm Latin American atmosphere, ideal for group meals or romantic evenings. Their specialty, "Pan con chicharron," is available on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am, offering a delicious breakfast with pieces of pork, tamale, sweet potatoes, onion salad, Hachana sausage, round bread, and Peruvian coffee. Take advantage of their reception services for private events.

Peruvian Restaurants in Montreal


8551 Boulevard St-Laurent, Montréal, H2P 2M9

View More  (514) 388-8393

Lima 14, a popular restaurant in Montreal, offers modern and authentic Peruvian cuisine. Chef Mario Tordoya uses fresh ingredients to create delicious dishes like Ceviche Lima 14 Carratillero. The diverse Peruvian culinary landscape, combining indigenous, European, African, and Asian traditions, is showcased. The varied menu offers classics like ceviche and lomo saltado, prepared with care for a memorable experience. Accompany your meal with a selection of wines and cocktails in a festive atmosphere.

Peruvian Restaurants in Montreal


8551 Boulevard St-Laurent, Montréal, H2P 2M9

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Invisible Tapas Bar, the lively counterpart to Lima 14, provides a tropical experience with signature and classic cocktails, along with exquisite Peruvian fusion flavours. Whether for a lively happy hour, a late-night supper, or a special event with a live DJ, Invisible caters to all occasions. Peruvian tapas awaken the taste buds with bold flavours, while Peruvian cocktails transport your senses to exotic lands. A Peruvian fusion speakeasy in Montreal, combining seduction and pleasures.

Peruvian Restaurants in Montreal


1235 Montée du Moulin, Laval, H7A 3V6

View More  (450) 936-1321

Chez Oly Nelly in Laval, a Peruvian rotisserie offering catering services, invites you to enjoy Peruvian dishes and delicious desserts. The unique aromas and delightful flavours, combined with generous portions, make this establishment one of the best addresses for a Peruvian gastronomic experience. Guests appreciate the impeccable service, the tenderness of the chicken, the generosity of seafood portions, and the varied menu. A must-visit for enthusiasts of authentic Peruvian cuisine.

Peruvian Restaurants in Montreal


Multiple locations

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Sol y Mar, a Peruvian restaurant in Villeray and Laval, offers diversified cuisine in a pleasant setting. With a varied menu featuring seafood, charcoal grills and braise-roasted chicken, lovers of marine and meaty flavours will be delighted.

Peruvian Restaurants in Montreal


7245 Rue St-Hubert, Montréal, H2R 2N2

View More  (514) 273-8882

Pachamama, a Peruvian restaurant in Villeray, captivates with its varied menu, seafood dishes, and generous portions. The "RONDAS PACHAMAMA" combos transport you to Peru in a few bites. Don't miss the essential ceviche on your next visit to savour one of the iconic dishes of Peruvian cuisine.

Peruvian Restaurants in Montreal


4250 Rue St-Denis, Montréal, H2J 2K8

View More  (514) 419-2135

The Miraflores restaurant, in the heart of the Plateau, offers Peruvian cuisine with an Italo-Peruvian touch. Highlighting grilled meats, fresh seafood, and unique cocktails, it provides an authentic Peruvian gustatory experience. From the Sol y Mar and Restaurant Pachamama group, Miraflores promises a Peruvian getaway.

Peruvian Restaurants in Montreal


1180 Rue Bélanger, Montréal, H2S 1H4

View More  (514) 272-5662

In the heart of Villeray, Mi Barrio offers an authentic Peruvian culinary experience with typical dishes, decor inspired by the colourful neighbourhoods of Lima, and a festive atmosphere. This family restaurant on Bélanger Street offers fresh and unique plates, transporting you to Peru. Varied dishes include "Papa a la Huancaina," "ceviche de pescado," "fettuccine à la huancaina con lomo saltado," and the essential Anticuchos. End with the marine boat, a delicious platter of Peruvian flavours.

Peruvian Restaurants in Montreal


565 Boulevard St-Martin O, Laval, H7M 1Y9

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Cafe Chasca, the oasis of Peruvian coffee, invites you to savour USDA-certified organic aromas, rated at over 85.75 points in the cup, directly from the ancestral lands of Peru. Delight in delicious Peruvian coffees, accompanied by tempting desserts and exquisite sandwiches. With a drive-thru service, around 20 seating places, and the opportunity to buy non-roasted beans, the place is a true caffeine adventure.

Peruvian Restaurants in Montreal

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