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Best Avocado Toast in Montreal

Apr 22, 2018
Best Avocado Toast in Montreal

Avocado toast has become an incredible trend over the last few years. Why…? Not only they are nutritious and quite healthy, but also so tasty. Easy to make, easy to eat, perfect to start the day! Here is a list of restaurants serving Avocado toast!


Tommy Café + Apéro

Tommy Café is well known for its beautiful interior, but also for its avocado toasts which many people share pictures of everyday. We could almost say that Tommy is one of the pioneers of "avocado toast" here in Montreal. What do you think?


Café Pista

This charming little project first started as a « cycling café » to serve you delicious coffee in the streets of Montreal. Now open near Jarry metro, Café Pista is simply adorable. The toast option on the menu is all in simplicity, consisting of avocado, a poached egg and greenery. Psst, you can add gravlax for a really reasonable price!


Crew Collective & Café

We have already mentioned the Crew Collective & Café in an article on the best spots for lunches in Montreal. In the same kind of category, we could not help but put it in this list; we are simply in love with this place. Stop by to eat an avocado toast in one of the most beautiful places in the Old Port of Montreal.




Located at the corner of Prince-Arthur and Saint-Laurent streets, Suwu is a really enchanting place with its countless plants and its very trendy and festive atmosphere. Feeling for a brunch with your friends on a rough morning? Suwu will be the perfect place for you, especially to eat the avocado toast!


La Bête à Pain

Now with two establishments, La Bête à Pain makes people happy every day with its artisan bakery products. We find their avocado toast on the lunch menu; you can enjoy it on the spot, accompanied by a soft-boiled egg, bee pollen, coriander and sesame.


Café Melbourne

Inspired by the Australian cafes culture, Café Melbourne located on the Plateau Mont-Royal serves healthy but decadent brunches and many types of coffees. The avocado toast is served on a super colourful plate; we'll let you discover it for yourself! Do not forget to try it with their famous pink latte.


Venice MTL

When you enter Venice, you'll feel like you are entering a California snack bar. Not only because of the decor, but also because the dishes served are fresh and healthy. The avocado toast available on the menu consists of a mirror egg, coriander seeds, fresh dill and of course avocado.


Arthurs Nosh Bar

At Arthurs Nosh Bar, we find « reinvented classics of Jewish cuisine served with a generous amount of family pride » to use their own words. Their generous brunches are now well-known and highly appreciated by the residents of the Saint-Henri district. On the menu you will find their version of the avocado toast, served with tomato, homemade hot sauce, shoots and a mirror egg. YUMMY!




Now popular with vegans and vegetarians, Lov restaurants keep us happy with their tasty, colourful and creative menus. It is on the brunch menu that we find an avocado toast served with cucumber strips, Aleppo pepper and the option of adding a poached egg for those who would like to.


Kleine Shoppe

This small gluten-free counter near Atwater Market is a paradise for people who cannot eat gluten. In addition to being very cute, there is panoply of pastry, healthy snacks, and other delicacies, without any trace of gluten. As everyone loves avocado toasts, Kleine Shoppe serves it all in color and flavour, we let you discover it by yourself!


Le Bird Bar

Le Bird Bar offers weekend brunch with a really trendy and colourful menu including avocado toast, burritos and more. Did you say fried chicken and avocados for brunch? Oh yes!


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