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Fine Cuisine Japonaise... C'est chez Sushi Sama que les sushis sont préparés avec finesse et diligence. Chaque rouleau possède des ingrédients uniques rentrant en harmonie. Les noms originaux de chaque item reflètent son contenu et ils ont été soigneusement créés par les chefs expérimentés de Sushi Sama. Que ce soit pour manger santé ou pour un événement spécial, vous serez satisfait de votre expérience!


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Sushi & bento.

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Capacité: 16 Nous acceptons: Master Card, Visa, Interac

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360 Commentaires

Amazing sushi, really fresh and delivery was perfect!

18 avril, 2020
46 Commentaires

They have a location on Fleury street that I have now visited twice. The room is best described as a designer's bad dream. In other words unmemorable looking too much like a cafeteria. The stark lighting does not help.

the food however is something else. On my first vist we were a larger group and the comments were positive all around. The pad thai was good, generous and properly spiced. The now ubiquitous General Tao was not drenched in sauce and lightly crisped, meeting the approval of our friend. Two of us had a Bol tye meal that included raw fish salad rice avocado and fish eggs. The presentation far surpassed our expectations that were based on the decor. The meal felt fresh and flavourful although my friend and I felt that the dressing, being tasty, overpowered the taste of the ingredients. We noted to consider asking for the sauce on the side the net time.

I returned recently with another companion and ordered the same dish and again it was very tasty.

P.S. the spring rolls are some of the best I have tasted and its a bring your own wine.

The only other issue i have is they close early for my taste

27 juil., 2017
1 Commentaire

This is my favorite residential little sushi restaurant. I feel there are so many same type places around these days. However this is the first one that have been going regularly for a long time now. At least 10 to 15 times already. I feel everything is always consistent which I expect from a good place, as many restaurants these days, you're not sure what to expect from one order to another.

I feel the food is always fresh, made on the spot and a great variety to choose from at really great prices.

I would also like to add, that I have always had amazing custommer service and always with a smile.

Overall , I would like to say this little residential sushi restaurant has exceeded my expectations and I will continue to be a loyal custommer for a very long time

08 mai, 2013

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