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Nous Savons Ce Qu'un Délicieux Repas Devrait-Être

Avec des plats italiens modernes et classiques remarquables, nous offrons une vaste sélection pour tous les goûts. Nos ingrédients proviennent des meilleurs cultivateurs italiens. Nos chefs préparent chaque plat en utilisant seulement des recettes et des techniques authentiques, des plats frais préparé pour vous chaque jour.

Vous ne ferez pas que goûter à notre bonne huile d'olive fait maison, une huile d'olive que vous dégusterez sur une croûte de pizza parfaite ou sur des viandes froides. Vous vous imprégnerez de la véritable culture culinaire italienne. Profitez d'une cuisine italienne authentique préparée par de véritables chefs italiens.

Réception de Mariage

Nous vous offrons carte blanche, laisser aller votre imagination! Que vous souhaitiez garder les choses simples ou créer un événement grandiose.

Événement corporatif

Un service impeccable et une cuisine primée; peut créer une occasion inoubliable. Plats novateurs respectant les traditions italiennes créées spécialement pour votre événement.

Party de Noël

Un endroit par excellence pour des groupes executifs cherchant un dîner festif et luxueux, ou de plus grands groupes cherchant un lieu privé, vous pouvez célébrer Noël et la fin de l'année en bonne compagnie.


Nos Spécialités

Pâtes, pizza, veau, agneau, poulet, poisson, fruits de mer, ainsi que de délicieux plats végétariens et desserts faits maison.

Commodités et services

Capacité: 120 Nous acceptons: Master Card, Visa, AMEX, Interac
Le vendredi & samedi à partir 19h parfois un DJ ou musicien sur place.
Salle de réception pour des groupes jusqu'à 300 personnes.
Nous vous offrons un cadre magnifique et romantique pour votre cérémonie de noces, réception, et célébration en soirée, réalisant tous vos rêves pour ce jour spécial. Notre organisateur de mariage travaillera avec vous pour s'assurer que nous concevons et créons la journée parfaite pour vos noces.

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6 avis pour Prima Luna

3.1 / 5 basées sur 7 évaluations


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1 Commentaire

Celebrated a family members 50th birthday yesterday on September 12, 2020. I got to say I have never been so disappointed in a restaurant in my life, and I especially never thought it would be Prima Luna because of its online reviews & stars.
I don't even know where to begin but here we go....
1. One plate of entres were given per table of about 8-10 people, which left us starving as they were not large plates. Some people did not even get the chance to try all of the entres & the ones who did had only had around 2 bites. After asking for more plates of entres because some people did not eat, they rudely refused and kept us waiting.
2. The salad was plain & bitter
3. My boyfriends streak ribs literally looked like they were fresh off the supermarkets shelves... UNCOOKED & he even likes his meat red but this was PURPLE. It was completely inedible.
4. The potatoes were honestly gross and soggy & vegetables provided on main dish were 1 pepper and broken off soggy rapini
5. The service was out of this world bad.... we had an open bar but took us about 30-45 mins to get drinks after asking the same waiters over and over again. We asked for hot pepper for our pasta twice & never got it. Other tables were asking for simple things, with their orders completely ignored & never fulfilled. The wine is supposed to be unlimited for the entire night, but they only came ONCE to fill our glasses & never came back after being asked dozens of times.
6. Waiters also seemed stressed & unhappy, which I don't blame them as they were clearly understaffed. Although, it makes the entire experience much worse.

The people in charge of the parties should at least try to fulfill their promises to their customers, otherwise the hype of this restaurant will just fade away one party at a time. The fact that the prices are EXTREMELY expensive makes it even worse.... really not worth the money & highly do not recommend for larger parties (my experience with smaller groups of around 2-5 people was always good) but our experience literally deserves 0 stars.

Also, a lot of my friends, including myself, were going to plan our mothers 50th at Prima Luna but no way that is happening after last night. Sorry but you guys need to do A LOT better.

15 sept., 2020
1 Commentaire

Hosted my husband 50th bday in the tent. Food was delicious but portions were so small . We were about 75 people and service was bad. It was 40 degrees that day and the vents in the tent weren't working properly,one side was freezing and the other side people were sweating. Only when i went to pay was I was told that i was offered the big hall and that i did not take it, which was a lie, with the weather that day I would of taken it.
Dealt with Robert for the menu and assured me I wouldn't be making a "brutta figura" and I did. Canapes were over in about 30 mins( I had guests there for an hour before I arrived), pasta was a scoop each ,salad was the size of a tennis ball,main was ok. Our bartender did not know her drinks. Thank God I ordered pizza for later as my guests were all hungry. And as I said if dealing with Robert for a party make sure you write everything down and check your contract to a T. He is very good at mincing with words. I was taking advantage of and I will never make that mistake again. Very disappointed!!

04 août, 2018
1 Commentaire

Attention, vérifier bien votre facture! De plus, ils sont très insistant sur l'alcool! Si tu ne prends pas de boisson, tu seras mal servit! Je ne vais plus jamais là

30 juil., 2017
62 Commentaires

I've been to this place about 3-4 times mostly because it's close by and my friends don't eat anything but Italian food. As an Italian, I have to admit, it's good but it's certainly not as good as homemade. I'm a big sushi lover and theirs is really nothing special. Their tempura flakes remind me of Rice Krispies. The staff is friendly and the decor is nice.

24 févr., 2013
19 Commentaires

Ive dined at Prima Luna approx 20 times in past 5 years both for busines and pleasure. This is one of my fav Italien restaurants in Montreal. Quite unusually, PL serves both italien food and sushi and usually my party will order from both menus. Tender sushi appetizer followed by a delicious iItalien dish makes for a highly enjoyable experience. The service is always very welcoming and professional. I always look forward to my next visit!

22 nov., 2012
4 Commentaires

I have been to Ristorante Prima Luna for business lunches, dinners on Friday and Saturday evenings, and a recent visit was for a family celebration of 10 people. I think it's about time I give them the compliment they deserve.

Firstly, the service is excellent: from the hostess to the waiters and even the owner who will always say hello to guests at the restaurant when he is in the house.. And then, the food is amazing and always prepared to near perfection. (I say near perfection only because nothing is really perfect, is it?)

Since this was a celebration for a special occasion, we selected our menu in advance. (Note: Gaetano, the owner always takes the time to ensure that you get exactly what you want.)

Appatizers: fried calamari and a selection of prosciutto and Italian cheese. The calamari are among my favourite in town. Next, we had a duo of pasta that included homemade large ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese and served with a delicious rosé sauce; and penne served with a simply fresh tomato sauce and basil. The quantity was just enough to satisfy your taste buds and not too much so that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy what was still to come ahead.

To clear the pallet we had a small serving of lemon Granita. Just what we needed! For the main course we selected a grilled Rib steak served with vegetables; all cooked to perfection. Dessert was a special from the chef: ice-cream filled crepe with fresh berries… Yummy!!! They have a very nice wine list. And the coffee: cappuccino, espresso, and latte are also delicious. (I should ask them which coffee brand they use the next time I go.)

By the way, they also have a sushi bar with an amazing sushi chef. A great place for a sushi dinner as well!!! For all the times I have been here, I have not had one bad experience, and neither has anyone else to whom I’ve referred this restaurant to. ENJOY!!!

(The restaurant is located in the East, but is just off the highway and certainly worth the drive.)

17 mai, 2012

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