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Origine Bistro est un restaurant, bar, terrasse situe dans le Vieux-Port de Montreal ouvert juste l'été.

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1 Commentaire

Today I got the worst service, because we were under-dressed. We were just passing by to see the fireworks and the waiters (2 of them) treated us with disrespect.
First waiter came after 15-20 minutes to bring us the menus, after he clearly saw us coming in. He got the menus for another 2 tables, but not to us. Then he announced that the kitchen was closed 30 minutes before, while he was still bringing food to other tables. (I can understand that those people ordered before, but does it take 30 minutes to get your food?). I asked him if we can get a green salad and he said no because his boss forbids him to take new orders and when I told him we are there since 20 minutes and nobody served us, he just turned and left. We thought maybe he will ask the kitchen to make an exception, but of course he didnt. He just didnt care.
Then the next waiter came and he said they cant even bring nachos or chips. When he finally brought us the drinks, he brought the bill as well. We were ready to order more since we were there for the fireworks. I got offended and when he came he said that is the new politic of the place, he even told us "imagine, you are in a bar!". How dare he talking like that with us?
He just missed a big fat tip, because he judged the cover. Instead he got 50 cents, his real value!
I never had an experience like this before.

I want this experience behind me, this place ruined our evening and we left home without even seing the fireworks.

17 juil., 2012

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