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Best Portuguese Restaurants in Montreal

15 Restaurants mentioned


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Whether for the spice mix, the perfect grilled meats, the fish and seafood, or for the warm atmosphere they provide, a large amount of Portuguese restaurants have captured our hearts. We introduce you to some gourmet places as well as snack-bar style places, so that you can fulfill your desires on any occasion and at any time.

Aldea Cuisine Portugaise

At Aldea you will find an authentic Portuguese atmosphere especially due to the traditional cuisine they serve inspired by the Portuguese villages. It is located in a very bright space where you can enjoy quality fish, meat and seafood with Portuguese flavour. The large wine cellar tempts you to try one of their numerous bottles of wine.


Lisboa Porto

Lisboa Porto is a charming little restaurant located in southwest Montreal, where you will find your favorite Portuguese classics. The inspiration of the name comes from a very popular Portuguese dish; a « bitoque » is actually a meat dish served with an « oeuf au plat », that is also available on their menu. It is possible to reserve a private room for your group events or to celebrate a birthday for example. You can bring your own favorite bottle of wine to go along with their specialties such as the grilled cod or the piri-piri chicken.


Casa Portugaise

Located on the edge of the Lachine Canal, Casa Portugaise offers you a really enjoyable view when you choose to eat at that spot. Offering affordable Portuguese specialties, this restaurant has a variety of choices available such chicken (thigh, breast, half-chicken) and spare ribs. For seafood and fish lovers, the fisherman platter is for you, not to mention the cod fish cakes. To finish your meal on a sweeter note, Casa Portugaise offers « flambé » natas.



Campo is one of our favorite from the Ferreira family. With its small, unpretentious canteen style location, Campo specializes in chicken that is locally farmed and fed only with natural grains, we love it! Whether served as a guédille, a sandwich or a poutine, the quality of the chicken is incomparable. You can either dine in or ask for a take out and enjoy at home.


Jano Grillades

You've probably heard about Jano Grillades more than once, their grilled meats have been enjoyed with love since 1947 on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. It is in a warm and colourful decor that you can savour the best specialties of this region in the most traditional way.



Helena offers nothing less than fine Portuguese gastronomy. It is in a warm, colourful and modern atmosphere that you will be welcomed in the heart of the Old Port of Montreal. Quiet enough from the outside, there is a fascinating environment to discover when you open the doors. Chef Helena Loureiro has implemented a menu that highly honours Portuguese classics. Let yourself be tempted by their exhaustive wine list, which is full of Portuguese delicacies.



Escudo offers typical Portuguese cuisine in a small location where only seven places are available for those who want to eat on site. You will quickly understand that this restaurant is more the kind of place where you order a take out. Even if it’s small, it is still in a warm and rustic decor that you are welcomed at Escudo, let yourself be tempted by the ¼ chicken, which according to the regulars would be the best choice. If you are planning a party at home with some friends, the combo available for 5 or 6 people will be perfect for you!


Casa Minhota

The Mediterranean « cachet » of Casa Minhota will charm you as soon as you arrive. The small blue ceramic tiles that cover the walls warm the heart even before having savoured a single bite. On the menu, there is an abundance of choices to please all your desires of Portuguese specialties. By the way, you should know that all their fish dishes are particularly delicious.


Boca Iberica

Boca Iberica is a charming Portuguese restaurant located on Rachel street where the service offered is so attentive that you will be delighted upon your arrival. Offering an interesting selection of sharing options, this restaurant is friendly and encourages a good time between you and your friends and family. Using fresh and tasty ingredients for all its dishes, Boca Iberica also allows you to eat on a beautiful terrace during the summer.



Hidden in the back of a grocery store is the very popular and very famous Romados! It has really proved itself in terms of Portuguese chicken. Grilled and seasoned to perfection, connoisseurs are ready to do anything for a piece of their authentic chicken. To eat on the spot, grab as a take out or even to call for a delivery; it is considered one of the best in Montreal. In addition to being a rotisserie, Romados is also a bakery where Portuguese breads are made for the pleasure of all.


Portus 360

Like Helena, Portus 360 is another success signed Helena Loureiro. Located on the 30th floor of a building giving a wonderful 360 ° view of the city of Montreal, this restaurant also offers incomparable Portuguese gastronomy. The experience you will have will definitely be memorable.



Braseiro is an adorable place located in Montreal's Villeray district. This is the ideal place to spend an evening in a traditional and family atmosphere, you will feel as if you were welcomed in a Portuguese family home. It is also with the traditional charcoal grilling method that they cook, to ensure that the authentic flavors are savored. Since the prices are very affordable and the taste is delicious, it is a busy place, so we recommend that you reserve your table.


Taverne F

Although the name « Tavern » indicates a generally less distinguished place, Tavern F is the opposite, it is also in a unique place that you will be welcomed. Fully translucent towards the Place des Arts, this is the ideal place to settle in the summer to enjoy the thousand and one festivities that take place there. In addition to the atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else, you will have the chance to taste dishes of unparalleled Portuguese gastronomy.

L'Étoile de l'Océan

L'Étoile de L'Océan restaurant in Montreal has been located on Rachel street since 1971, the building is over 100 years old. Regarded as one of the oldest Portuguese restaurants present in Montreal, L'étoile de L'Océan's diversified gastronomy implies an obligatory passage by Rachel street for all those whom appreciate the typical Portuguese cuisine. You'll also find a very good selection of Portuguese wines. Enjoy!

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