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Best Lunch Spots in Montreal

Apr 04, 2018
Best Lunch Spots in Montreal
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It is always great to take time to enjoy a good coffee or a good meal at lunchtime. Whether to take a break from work or simply to take time to relax alone or with friends, these places are there to make you have a good time.

Hinnawi Bros Bagel & Café

With three locations in key spots in Montreal, Hinnawi Bros & Bagel offers a simple menu with a variety of sandwiches on delicious fresh bagels. Ideal as a take-out, there are many choices of sandwiches for everyone! The one located near Concordia University is perfect for enjoying a good coffee while studying. If you're the type that likes to enjoy studying early in the morning, a classic brunch menu is also available.


La Croissanterie Figaro

The first thing that attracts our attention when you arrive at Croissanterie Figaro is the beautiful terrace filled with flowers and plants. It feels like you are entering a small enchanted garden. Its French bistro look inside is also quite charming. There are some delicious sandwiches, croissants and more traditional dishes like quiches or sublime pastries to indulge in. This small haven of peace is perfect to spend a summer afternoon.


Café Zinzin

The large and bright space in which Café Zinzin is located is ideal to settle down with a good coffee when the mid-day sun comes out. The sandwiches offered at the counter are varied and tasty. Apart from the sandwiches, delicious gourmet dishes cooked there will warm your heart. There are choices of salads, quiches, burger, pasta and other delicious comfort food that change almost every day.



Chez Wafi

This Lebanese bakery offers a different version of traditional bakeries like the kaakeh, which could be called "Lebanese bagels". You will also find sandwiches and salads available at the take-out counter to eat on the go. You can also eat at the bakery but space is lmited. You will discover another type of cuisine to treat yourself at lunchtime, by eating at Wafi’s.


La Petite Adresse

Located on Avenue du Parc, La Petite Adresse is a charming little bistro offering lunch and dinner every day of the week to the delight of the people living in this area. Even if you do not live near by, it is worth the detour to enjoy a creative Mediterranean and French inspired menu full of flavours. Omelettes, pastries, toast and other small delights await you.


Art Lounge MTL

Art Lounge MTL is first and foremost an art gallery where all kinds of cultural events can take place. Offering an atmosphere that is certainly conducive to creative thinking, the restaurant serves a varied and creative menu in the comfort of the various on-site facilities. Mainly salads and sandwiches can be found on the menu, but custom options are available during special events.


Les Deux Copains

Restaurant Les Deux Copains is best known for its delicious burgers served with crispy fries, any hamburger enthusiast will certainly find one that will brighten his lunch break. The menu offers ideal dishes both for lunch and dinner for example omelettes or even gratins. It is also nice to visit this place for its friendly service and affordable prices!



Toi Moi & Café

Toi, Moi & Café now has three locations to serve you fresh and tasty coffee and rolled sandwiches, an interesting alternative to traditional sandwiches. A very wide variety of coffee is available on site to keep you awake during your study or workdays. They are recognized not only for their coffee in general, but also for the fact that they have a wide selection of organic and fair trade coffee.


Crew Collective & Café

It is in a former bank from 1928 that this beautiful café takes place. Even before having tasted food or coffee, you will be amazed by the splendour of the place. This place is perfect for lunch if you need to meet people for work at the same time or simply if you need to work in one of the coworking spaces available. A wide selection of pastries and home cooked meals are offered, if you do not have time to linger, take-out salads from the Comptoire Rhubarb are also available.


Café Santropol

The main reason to visit Café Santropol is for the beautiful terrace located at the back of the restaurant, you will certainly have the impression to escape the city by settling for for a meal. About the food, there is a wide variety of sandwiches, some salads and soups. Their selection of vegetarian sandwiches is also very popular! If you do not have much time, do not hesitate to take your sandwich to go.


Café Parvis

Although the Café Parvis is in the heart of downtown, it has an intimate cachet being located on the tiny Mayor Street, near the Place des Arts, allowing you to get away a little from work. It is in a beautiful space filled with plants that the Parvis takes place, offering a warm and perfect atmosphere for lunchtime. A menu that changes regularly offers pizzas and salads to share, composed of seasonal products, all tastier than the others. You will definitely enjoy spending the afternoon and why not take the opportunity to even start the happy hour!


Brûlerie Urbaine

It is in a charming little urban but warm décor, that the Brûlerie Urbaine welcomes you. If you like the smell of freshly roasted coffee, you'll be excited to learn that you can enjoy it while eating on the premises. Classic croissant or bagels sandwiches are waiting for you, offering you the opportunity to choose from french fries, salad or Mac and Cheese as a side. Yes, you read well, a Mac and Cheese side. What are you waiting for?


Café Souvenir

Café Souvenir is located on the beautiful Bernard Street in the Outremont neighbourhood. On the menu, salads, sandwiches, burgers and other classics are waiting for you. There is a mix of international cuisine, diversified cuisine and modern cuisine. There are twenty places on the terrace to enjoy your lunch outside during the summer months, because there is nothing better than sun bathing during your lunch hour!


La Dinette

This charming little cafe located near Radisson metro station promises to make you spend a comforting and friendly time. The flowery tapestries plunge us into an atmosphere that makes you want to spend an afternoon having tea and enjoying their homemade specialties with friends. Food just as comforting as the rest is offered, including a decadent grilled-cheese selection. Yummy!



There are more and more restaurants that are looking for healthier menus to allow people to eat well and still be able to find the food tasty. Vinaigrette succeeds in this mission handily by offering gourmet salads sought and tasty, that, in a quite charming decor! You can eat on the spot or simply bring the container to work or on the road with you.



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