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  990, rue Herron (Aut 520)
(514) 422-8889
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We have been going to this restaurant for quite some time. Frankly, I just don't understand how it can get a bad review from anyone. We drive a looong way just for their General Tao Chicken, Peanut Butter Dumplings, Crispy Beef, and so much more. This place is so underrated IMO. I think the best option is to take multiple dishes from the tasters menu... even if you're just two. So much to choose from, so you'll have to go back. My "can't do without" list is Gen Tao Chicken, Hunan "peanut butter" Dumplings, Crispy Bee...    by: CanMan17  
$$ ($20 to $30)  
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or delicious Thai and Szechuan cuisine visit La Porte Orientale. Enjoy fabulous dishes like lamb with spicy sauce, shrimps with Thai curry, fried seafood won tons, crispy beef with sesame, steaming Hunan dumplings with peanut sauce or their house favorite General Tao chicken, crispy and brimming with flavor.
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