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3626, boul. St-Charles, H9H 3C3

West Island (Montreal) ⋅ Kirkland

(514) 630-6666 Email

Open 7am-10pm
Breakfast is served until 11am from Monday to Friday and until 2pm on Saturday & Sunday.

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About us

Welcome to Pizzalinni, a West Island landmark for 20 years. We are a family run business who's desire is to guarantee the highest quality and freshest ingredients. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in our dining room whether for a meeting or for a family gathering, you are sure to be left impressed and satisfied.


Our Specialties

Crepes, Breakfast special, Pizza & Souvlaki.

Amenities & services

Capacity: 60 We accept: Master Card, Visa, AMEX, Interac
Delivery begins everyday at 11am.
40 seats.

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Free breakfast!

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8 reviews for Pizzalinni da Francesca

3.8 / 5based on 9 ratings


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Distribution of ratings

Pizzalinni da Francesca Rating Distribution
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1 Review

We just ordered an all dressed Pizza from Pizzalinni Da Francesca. It is freaking FANTABOULOUS!!! The best we have ever eaten!

Thank you!!!
Maria & Claude

Aug 07, 2020
1 Review

Theyre gyros pita chicken , pork , are delicious i recommend them , theyre fast good service very courteous , friendly only thing i would suggest make the fries a bit crunchy,

Jul 22, 2019
1 Review

Poor service. Get the basics right. Offer coffee when customers walk in. A little busy, I get it, but the entire time we were there no one offered any coffee. Kids never received their milk either. First time I ate breakfast without anyone asking us if we want a coffee. Everyone who walked in afterwards was offered a coffee.
Oh well, I hope they read this review and improve their service.


Dec 31, 2016
1 Review

Horrible delivery. Not sure how it is to sit in, but what they delivered was not pizza. Also, we asked for thin crust and it was not thin. Their fries are also very bad. Never ordering it again.

Aug 21, 2015
38 Reviews

Very cute place. We usually bike to Pizzalini for breakfast on Sunday mornings. It's affordable and tasty. Friendly people too. My family and I will keep going :)

Jan 29, 2015

The food was good as usual. But I must say that the women working are gorgeous.

Jan 04, 2014
5 Reviews

Delivery is fast but the food is very average.
The pizza and pita wraps are bland without much flavor.

Feb 26, 2013
21 Reviews

So it looks like this is my 30th review and that automatically makes me a "PRO" member on Restomontreal.ca and off that middle ground of being an "ACTIVE" member for so long and what restaurant gets that privilage of being the big 30th review?? Yeah, you guessed it, PIZZALINNI!!!

Kinda funny but right at the same time...

Ive dined at many restaurants in my life...expensive, cheap, posh and over the top but when it comes down to what i really LIKE...like good ol' honest comfort food, the best place to find it is simply at...Yes, PIZZALINNI!!

If you look at my rating for this restaurant, i gave it 5 stars for the type of food they are serving and its price range...i wont compare it too a high end burger joint or an expensive italian pizza eatery, but for the quality of food they serve and prices they charge, Pizzalinni definitely deserve top marks on that!

Its been over 10 years ive been going there and the food has always been consistant and amazing from the fries, to the gogo salad which is so delicious and reminds me salads ive eaten at Cafe Milanos in St.Leonard (which is a HUGE compliment) to the PIZZA thats surprisingly light but packed with flavor!!

Okok, now if your from the west island, your probably saying to yourself "Is he serious....Pizzalinni??" Yes i really mean it!!

Maybe you havent went in a while, or you just forgot about it but if your a west islander, take my advice and Re-discover it again!! Other Franchise "diners" on des sources blvd, and st johns are good but take another 5 minutes and go on St.charles and visit Pizzalinni...a place thats so underrated that it amazes me that its not mentioned more because the food is very good!

Friendly and easy-going service, Simple decor, and a confortable relaxing place to be even if its quiet. Dont want to sit down and eat?
No problem, bring the taste of PL home!!

Yeah, i know its sounds like i own the place or something and i apologize for that but PL has always been one of those places that brings back those memories of after school eats, after hockey meals and double dates with friends, but now that im older...things have changed but at least, the food at PL has always stayed the same!!

So like i said, try it out or re-discover it again....you'll be glad you did!

Great..its 5:00pm and im hungry for that salad now!! ;)

Mar 06, 2012

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