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CITYArticle: The Best Delivery and Take-out Meals Under $20!

The Best Delivery and Take-out Meals Under $20!

Cheap eats in Montreal! What would you like to eat today?

By updated: Feb 02, 2022
The Best Delivery and Take-out Meals Under $20!

Whether the dining rooms are open or sadly closed, there are opportunities to eat a satisfying meal for under $20. We've rounded up our favorites and rest assured, there's something for everyone!


If you miss those New York pizzas that are sold by the slice, Slice&Soda will satisfy your craving! Huge slices of pizza are sold for $6 each or a giant 23" pizza from $36. Enough to make several meals if you eat it alone! Otherwise, it's great to share with family, friends, or as a couple! There is also the combo that includes a slice of pizza and a Caesar salad. All you have to do is find the location most convenient for you to pick up your order or have it delivered!

French Takos

Are you familiar with French Takos? Eaten throughout France at the end of the evenings, it is a hearty and tasty meal. Simply take a tortilla filled with a meat of your choice, cheese sauce and french fries. The whole thing is grilled to make the cheese melt and the tortilla crispy. You can also choose their burger or their poutine. There are also vegetarian options. They have three different locations, one on Jean-Talon, one on Henri-Bourassa East and one on Curé-Labelle in Laval.

Bar Ganadara

This restaurant is normally full of Koreans and for a good reason! Discover delicious typical Korean dishes with the integration of local dishes such as poutine. Try their famous Tteok-bokki, poutine, udon noodles, bibimbap, or grilled meats! If you are near Guy-Concordia, you can easily pick up your order on-site, otherwise, they have several delivery partners.

Vua Sandwichs


Banh mi, poke bowls, and sushi are featured in the different branches of Vua Sandwiches. You can feel like you are in Vietnam with those sandwiches made with the protein of your choice (vegetarian or not), carrots, cilantro, red onions, radishes, etc. Choose the bowl of your liking or create your own recipe! They are located in Côte-des-Neiges, on Saint-Denis in the Latin Quarter, Downtown on de la Gauchetière and on Jarry in Villeray!

Dobe & Andy

If you like authentic Chinese food, this is a must-try in Chinatown! Enjoy dishes like fried rice, BBQ meat served with rice or noodles, fried chicken sandwich, duck, or mapo tofu. Pair it with pickled cabbage or mustard pickled vegetables. They have daily or lunchtime specials. Each bite will make you want to discover the rest of the menu, guaranteed!


Portuguese rotisserie that you will find in many areas of Montreal and its surroundings, it's a perfect option for a solo or family meal! Enjoy Portuguese chicken, ribs, chicken wings, chouriço sausage, poutine, piri bowls, or salads. Multiple combinations of meats are possible depending on what you prefer. You can even buy their sauces to season all your dishes at home!

Ravioli Mai Xiang Yuan

Dumplings are comforting to the soul in any circumstance. Both branches of Ravioli Mai Xiang Yuan are available for delivery and takeout. Whether it's wonton soup, peanut butter dumplings, or chocolate xiao long bao. There is a choice of dumplings: lamb, beef, pork, or even vegetarian! You just need to make your sauce to dip it all in.

Tacos Frida

Mexican food is tasty and adds a zing to your day. Whether you order three tacos, comforting tortilla soup, quesadillas or horchata, you'll be transported to a street food stand in Mexico! Some specials include an appetizer and tacos or the daily special. This is a tasty and festive meal to share in your family bubble or during a video conference! Tacos Frida is in the Saint-Henri district and offers delivery through different applications.

Pho Mont-Royal

If you are looking for a place to get your favorite Vietnamese dishes, Pho Mont-Royal is a great place for you. They use authentic ingredients to serve different Tonkinese soups, grilled meats, imperial rolls, or vermicelli dishes with the sauce of your choice. Everything is possible a la carte or in a combo. Take the opportunity to try their delicious Vietnamese coffee. There is something for every taste and appetite!  


Goplana offers Eastern European prepared dishes such as pierogis (vegan or with meat), sandwiches, potato latkas, Polish sausage and so much more to discover! Everything is made on-site in the traditional way with quality ingredients. Stop by to get advice from the friendly staff and take the opportunity to discover some less familiar dishes! 


Falafel Yoni

Falafel Yoni offers a taste of Mediterranean cuisine through its two locations in Verdun and Mile End. There are a variety of vegetarian and vegan options to enjoy. The menu includes a hummus plate, falafel salad, falafel pita, fried eggplant pita, and the famous za'atar fries. It is also possible to have the ingredients delivered separately so that you can use them as you wish at home! 


A real must when it comes to Montreal smash burgers, L'Hamburger will satisfy your craving for comfort food. The vegan version is just as good. Accompany your burger with poutine, fries, and/or milkshake! You can put 2 to 4 patties in your burger depending on your appetite. The meat is juicy and of good quality. Pick up your order on Saint-Zotique Street in Rosemont or have it delivered.


This Korean-Japanese fusion restaurant offers comfort food found on the streets of Japan and Korea. Located in the heart of Guy-Concordia, this place attracts many students. Start with their homemade kimchi, okonomiyaki (Japanese omelet), chicken karaage, or agedashi tofu. For the main course, there are many choices such as donburi, dolsot bowl, udon noodles, katsu plate, or yaki udon. Good, generous, and tasty portions are available for delivery and takeout. 


If you like comfort food, Maynard offers all that, but entirely vegan! They are part of Aliments Québec which ensures freshness and superior quality ingredients. Lunches are offered all day long, don't hesitate to order a breakfast sandwich or the breakfast burrito. Otherwise, let yourself be tempted by the Nashville tofu, their burger, their poutine, or their mac&cheez. Stop by and pick it up on Prince Arthur West. 


Pakistani and Indian cuisine is full of tasty dishes with the perfect amount of spice. The menu contains dishes that will please many palates with carnivorous and vegetarian options. For vegetarian dishes, there is no shortage of choice between the various paneer dishes, korma vegetables, chana masala, or dal makhni. On the carnivorous side, there are naan rolls, biryanis, grilled meat, and a variety of dishes with your favorite protein between beef, chicken, lamb, or seafood. Don't miss out on the famous naan rolls, mango lassi, or a nice gulab jamun for dessert!

Every order can help the restaurant industry in these more complex times. Don't hesitate to encourage them with take-out or delivery orders. 

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