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Mikado Restaurant: Fancy Japanese Cuisine

"Omakase" translates to "I leave it up to you". This expression is particularly used in the world of Japanese gastronomy to designate a menu where we let the chef surprise us according to his inspirations.

This is the experience offered at Mikado Restaurant, a pioneer of fine Japanese cuisine in Montreal. The Vietnamese-born chef-owner Kimio Nguyen has been sharing his creations since 1987, drawing inspiration from both Japanese tradition and the eclectic taste of Montrealers.


On the menu you will of course find the traditional sashimi, sushi, teriyaki or soba.  A variety of delicious dishes are also available for those who want to try something new: tartare, tataki, salads or a pizza made from rice cake.

The Omakase menu represents the ultimate step in culinary discovery. The dishes that compose it may change every day, what remains a constant is the creativity used depending on the season and market arrivals, giving priority to local products


Mikado has recently introduced a new version of this 7-course tasting menu, which we were lucky enough to enjoy, accompanied by a selection of magnificent sake.

We begin our journey with delicious cocktails, which revisit the classics in Japanese fashion: the mojito becomes the momotajojito and Saké turns into a tangy glass with a jasmine flavour.


A number of dishes and drinks are then delicately placed in front of us like so many little treasures: Tuna Royal, Dried Beef Broth and Mushroom, Lobster Tartar, Yarrow with Sweet Potato and Wasabi Sauce, Mackerel Sushi, Beef Skewer on Japanese omelet and ginger, pistachio and meringue ice cream.
According to the precepts of Japanese cuisine, all combine to awaken the senses: freshness, quality, preparation, and presentation. Our favourites: the soft, melting texture of the small scallop medallions and the equally pleasant taste of the beef, prepared with precise cooking processes lasting several hours.


At Mikado, the atmosphere is chic and welcoming, while both intimate and open. Furniture with simple, clean lines, a lot of wood, soft lighting and transparency ... Everything is conducive to tasting!

The various private import sakes, floral or dry, enhance each dish brilliantly. The Suntory, a Japanese whiskey that is sweet, spicy and refreshing is also a great discovery.

The Restaurant has three locations on the island (Laurier, Saint-Denis and Monkland), offering many opportunities to spend an evening focused on Japanese culture in finesse and creativity.




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