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Burrata: The Fanciest Cheese and Where to Taste it in Montreal

10 Restaurants mentioned

The famous burrata! This prestigious Italian cheese that can be enjoyed simply with a drizzle of olive oil and a fresh piece of bread or with pickled vegetables and cold cuts. For those who are already familiar with this divine cheese, keep reading for where you’ll find the best burrata in Montreal and its surroundings. For those who have never tried it, here is your chance to discover this exquisite Italian product. 


Bis Ristorante
Bis Ristorante serves upscale classic Italian cuisine for over 30 years now. Located downtown, it is a destination of choice to enjoy a typical and generous Italian meal. When talking about traditional Italian cuisine, burrata can't be forgotten. At Bis, they simply describe it on the menu as a burrata cloud.
Mangiafoco is primarily a pizzeria, and one of the hidden secrets of Old Montreal. If you've never been there, it is rather difficult to locate the entrance, which is on Saint Paul Street. Upon entering, the décor will leave you speechless. Mangiafoco is part of this list for its mozzarella bar where you will obviously find burrata. You can choose from a large variety of toppings to accompany the cheese such as pickled vegetables, a tomato salad, cold meats such as prosciutto and salami or truffle peaches. Enjoy! 

Giulietta Pizzeria

Giulietta has recently opened its doors in Saint-Leonard to everyone’s delight. With its unique and colorful decor and tasty traditional cuisine, it does not go unnoticed. On the menu you will find pizza and different types of fresh pasta, and of course burrata. They opted for a simple burrata with a delicious olive oil, basil and fresh mint and tomatoes. Stay tuned for burrata of the moment, like the one below!

Bevo Bar + Pizzeria

Bevo specializes first and foremost in pizza. They offer different types of delicious and creative pizzas. In addition to serving burrata with crostini as an entrée, they also serve it on one of the pizzas, accompanied by black truffles, mushrooms and arugula. It is quite a tempting combination in our opinion! If you opt for the simple plate of burrata, why not have it with a plate of charcuterie?

Un Po’ Di Più
This beautiful little café in the Old Montreal will charm you with its unique character and its warm atmosphere. Here we forget about time, we arrive for a quick coffee in the morning and stay until happy hour without even noticing. Speaking of happy hour, all kinds of small dishes are offered including a burrata served with delicious ancestral tomatoes or other variations. 


The Barroco continues to surprise and delight us for 10 years now. Whether for its food, hospitality, or atmosphere, we are never disappointed by this establishment. As for the burrata, it will probably be different every time you order it, each one just as delicious as the other. For example, this one embellished with sumptuous seasonal chanterelle and their own barroco olive oil. 


Impasto serves rustic Italian cuisine in an industrial-chic setting.


Da Emma

Da Emma is well known by authentic Italian cuisine lovers, mainly because it is none other than Emma, ​​an Italian grandmother who cooks every dish with all her love. Here, you will find one of the best burrata on the entire island of Montreal, connoisseurs know!  Served in all its simplicity with prosciutto and fresh basil, so you can enjoy the taste of the burrata at its best. 

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Le Boating Club

The Boating Club is a restaurant with a wonderful story that has transcended time. Located at the edge of a lake, it serves food of an incomparable quality, in a friendly atmosphere. With the burrata, you will be treated to tasty tomatoes, lamb's lettuce, croutons and serrano ham.


La Tomate Blanche 

La Tomate Blanche is THE Italian cuisine reference in Brossard, it is undoubtedly the best restaurant on the South Shore to satisfy your pasta and authentic pizza cravings. In addition to the wood oven pizzas, you will find the burrata in quantities of 100g, served with a high quality olive oil and a soft focaccia.



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