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CITYArticle: Best Food Trucks (Street Food) in Montreal

Best Food Trucks (Street Food) in Montreal

By updated: Aug 29, 2020
Best Food Trucks (Street Food) in Montreal
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Street food culture is getting more and more popular and with summer arriving quickly, it will be on everyone's mind in Montreal! A concept created thousands of years ago, street food mixes fast food and finger food allowing people to enjoy affordable food on the go and enjoy it under the sun! Quick, affordable and easy to eat, it isn't surprising that food trucks in Montreal are hugely increasing in popularity since their legalization 3 years ago. The following food trucks are not to be missed this summer in Montreal. Enjoy!

Le Quai Roulant

Le Quai Roulant has a unique Surf and Turf menu including smoked sausages by "Ils en Fument du Bon", tartares, fried calamari and home fries. Quick, creative and refined, their menu is loved by all! Not to be missed.


Mi Corazon

The Mi Corazon truck specializes in colourful and tasty Mexican cuisine inspired by chef-owner Rafael Martinez. You will find plenty of love in their dishes that comes directly from their "Corazon"!


Duck Truck

The name says it; the Duck Truck specializes in dishes concocted mainly with duck. You will find all kinds of duck-style dishes, such as duck chilli, duck Caesar salad or duck shishtaouk. Has your mouth started watering yet? 



Le TukTuk

Le TukTuk is the first Thai food truck in Montreal. It offers a selection of center and northern Thai cuisine, mixing flavours and textures to give the most delicious food experience possible. Perfect for summer!



Le Smoking BBQ

The Smoking BBQ is known for its incredible pulled pork that blends so well with our delicious Québécois classic, the poutine. It is also possible to have homemade sausage or ribs in your poutine. If you prefer the sandwich version, it is also possible! Because there is always room for a side, let yourself be tempted by their potato salad, you will not be disappointed.



Known for their delicious oysters and seafood, the Lucille's group has been a Montreal hotspot for many years and is still going strong. Their food truck is nothing less than succulent, serving their specialties, from their famous lobster rolls to their house smoked ribs.


Camion Gaspésie

The Gaspésie Truck recently hit the road to make us rediscover the delights that this beautiful region of Quebec has to offer. Who could refuse a dish cooked with Matane shrimp or a lobster Mac and Cheese? Do not forget to taste their famous deluxe cornet, we don't want to tell you more; discover this delight of the sea by yourself!


Jerry Ferrer Truck

None other than the team of the very appreciated restaurant Europea launched the Jerry Ferrer Casse-Croûte du Terroir Food Truck. This food truck is definitely an ode to luxury poutine. Why? The answer in four words: Poutine with foie gras. This delicacy is made with white truffle sauce, foie gras sauce, homemade fries and cheese curds, covered with pieces of "foie gras au torchon", nothing less.



Landry & Filles

Landry & Filles is the specialist in local Quebec cuisine. This year, they present a reinvented menu, giving tribute to our traditions and our culinary roots!



You already know that Mandy's offers delicious, healthy and nutritious salads. On the other hand, let us announce to you that they are now offering their salads on the road and you can find them in some street food events so you can enjoy your favourite salad almost everywhere!


Grumman 78


Founded in 2010, Grumman 78 is best known for leading the movement to bring street food back to Montreal. Not to be missed, their lime green taco truck has been cruising the streets of Montreal for 3 years now. A perfect blend of freshness and comfort food because let's be honest, who doesn't love tacos?



Let's end this article in style with a little sweet treat! The Crémy truck offers donuts of all kinds to fill your craziest cravings. The owner Rémy Couture is recognized as a king of donuts, so he decided to let you enjoy them wherever he goes. Ice cream and sorbets are also available to refresh you after your donut.


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