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CITYArticle: 10 Places to Enjoy Authentic Korean Cuisine

10 Places to Enjoy Authentic Korean Cuisine

How many traditional dishes do you know?

updated: Jan 26, 2023
10 Places to Enjoy Authentic Korean Cuisine

In the greater Montreal area, we are fortunate to have many Korean restaurant options. Whether it's traditional, modern, or fusion, we guarantee that the quality is there. 

The bibimbap is certainly the most famous dish here, but there are many other dishes that will charm you. As we will be referring to many of them, we suggest that you browse this link which will allow you to familiarize yourself with the most popular ones. 

You'll feel like you're in Korea for the duration of a meal at one of these restaurants, guaranteed! 


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If there is one restaurant that is known to all Korean food lovers, it is Ganadara. Whether it's the branch of the bar downtown, on Mackay, or in Verdun, you can be sure to find typical dishes and some Quebeco-Korean adaptations. These include poutine, brochettes, ramen, tteokbokki, sashimi, and bingsu. Don't forget to accompany everything with a bottle of Soju and a cocktail. 

10 places to enjoy authentic Korean cuisine


2001 Avenue Victoria, Saint-Lambert, J4S 1H1

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Are you on the South Shore and looking for an authentic Korean restaurant? Go to MoonSikdang in Saint-Lambert. The owner has more than 20 years of experience cooking in a Marriott in Seoul and it shows on every plate. Everything is freshly prepared on the spot like mandoo, gimmari, dupbap, bbq dishes, Bibimbap, and more. A favorite of the team that deserves to be better known.

10 places to enjoy authentic Korean cuisine


101 Avenue Fairmount O., Montréal, H2T 2M4

View More  (514) 379-6988

It is in the heart of Mile End that you can enjoy authentic cuisine at La Belle Corée. The menu consists of dishes that one would find in any family such as dolsot bibimbap, bulgogi, and dubu jjigae. The portions are generous and the atmosphere is warm.

10 places to enjoy authentic Korean cuisine


51 Rue Ontario O, Montréal, H2X 1Y8

View More  (514) 379-1183

Omma is in the entertainment district and opened in 2017. It's a welcoming, festive, family-friendly eatery with super good comfort food. Favorites include the famous bibimbap dolsot, sesame rice, bulgogi, mandoo, and pajun. Worth visiting and revisiting again and again!

10 places to enjoy authentic Korean cuisine


5245 Boulevard St-Laurent, Montréal, H2T 1S4

View More  (514) 379-4929

If you want generous portions, a mastery of flavors, and traditional options, head to Little Seoul in Mile End. Open for lunch and dinner, they have some of the best Korean dumplings in the city, and make excellent scallion patties, comforting jjigae, and bibimbap that are worth a stop.

10 places to enjoy authentic Korean cuisine


300 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, Montréal, H2T 1P7

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Do you know this adorable little restaurant on Mont-Royal Avenue? Hoya restaurant is open for dinner service and will serve you a ddukbokki, sundubu, and their famous fried chicken. They also make their own kimchi if you want to try and buy it!

10 places to enjoy authentic Korean cuisine


917 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, H2J 2J2

View More  (514) 528-2813

On Rachel Street East, this Korean restaurant, which allows you to bring your own wine, is not unknown. A wonderful combination of traditional food with family recipes with a modern twist is on the menu. On weekends, reserve your table and take advantage of their tasting menus that will give you the full experience. 

10 places to enjoy authentic Korean cuisine


5908 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, H4A 1X7

View More  (514) 487-1712

Here is one of the first Korean restaurants in Montreal opened more than twenty years ago, they are certainly one of the references in the city. The dishes are traditional versions of the famous bibimbap, galbi and jjigae, and haemul pajeon. An address to put in your list whether you are in NDG or not.

10 places to enjoy authentic Korean cuisine


1556, avenue Laurier E, Montréal, H2J 1H9

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As the name suggests, they specialize in bibimbap and they make excellent ones! Enjoy it on-site in a welcoming environment or in Laurier Park in the summer. The open and minimalist kitchen works miracles, and this is at low prices. We strongly suggest that you accompany your meal with an iced tea or homemade lemonade. Don't hesitate to take your kimchi home at the same time, they prepare it on the spot!

10 places to enjoy authentic Korean cuisine


1236 Rue Mackay, Montréal, H3G 2H4

View More  (514) 935-8344

A little gem on Mackay Street, Chez Bong is an authentic place where you will meet mostly Koreans on-site. You can enjoy generous and traditionally concocted dishes with a wide range of flavors. We particularly like their jjajangmein, japchea, bulgogi, bibimbap, and fried chicken. The decor is sober, but we go there for the excellence of the food!

10 places to enjoy authentic Korean cuisine

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