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3 Commentaires

Lovely solarium type room in front of the main restaurant. Fairly quiet on a weekday in summer. Asked the waiter to turn down the dance music (?) and thankfully, he complied.
Tried the $25 prix fixe lunch menu.

Salmon crudo was delicious, but the portion was miniscule. 2 pieces of salmon small as the top of a thumb. No lemon, no salt was served or offered, though pepper was.

Seafood mix was also delicious though rather salty. Again miniscule portion, the vegetables consisted of a couple of bits of cauliflower & brussel spouts.

Dessert was 2 tiny balls, one of sorbet, the other a cheesecake mixture. Delicious.

Overall great food, but could hardly be called lunch. More like a couple of small plates to have with an aperitif. By mid-afternoon, we were hungry.
Oh, and we were charge $9.50 + tx for a bottle of sparkling water. Not impressed with that.

Maybe they feed you more at dinner?

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