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My Canh - Chinatown, Montreal Restaurant |

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1 Review

Un des seuls restos Pho à Montréal à offrir la soupe bœuf saignant et boulettes sans extra (la 13) Délicieuse !!!

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7 Reviews

Ne vous attendez pas à un service incroyable ! C'est courtois, sans plus. Mais quant au rapport qualité/prix, c'est incroyable. La soupe tonkinoise (essayer la My-lakaï !!!) est probablement l'une des meilleures à Montréal.
Mais ça demeure ce que c'est : du vietnamien abordable...

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2 Reviews

I was there today with my wife and we had the worst experience ever. We ordered a specific soup and we were given a different one. That's fine, everyone makes a mistake. We simply told the waiter about the mistake and were waiting for the correct soup. That's when the horror show started. The manager heard about this and whispered to the waiter: "force them to eat this soup" (the manager probably assumed we couldnt understand Vietnamese). Despite this, the waiter took the wrong soup back to the kitchen. When he brought the "correct" one, we noticed that they just changed the bowl and the kind of meat, keeping the same noodle and soup base. Again, the manager probably assumed we didn't know the difference between the different soups. Any restaurant, or any shop for that matter, that treats the customers like this deserves no respect from us. Spread the word and let people know. And next time they whisper something in Vietnamese, be aware they may be saying something unpleasant about you...

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