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Canard Café : A Warm and Caring Spot !

Reinvented classics prepared entirely on site.

updated: Feb 28, 2022

Canard Café : A Warm and Caring Spot !

Pierre and Amélie have been running CANARD CAFÉ, located at 4299 Ontario Street East in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, since January 2020. When you walk through the doors of this beautiful neighborhood café, you will immediately feel the warmth that occupies this place. More than just a coffee shop, you will find passionate people and quality ingredients prepared entirely on-site.

Canard Café Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

Let's start with the basics: what's with the name Canard Café specifically?

They launched their concept in early 2020 during a very difficult time for restaurants. Since taking over the café, they have not had a day pass where the restaurant was closed. They have worked and continue to work hard to keep their doors open. This dedication has reminded them of how ducks keep pedaling vigorously underwater to reach thier desired location.

Canard Café Restaurant

Getting to know Pierre and Amélie

The design of the logo was adapted to represent the owner, Pierre, with a hat, glasses, and an armadillo. If you don't know Pierre, he is a man with an imposing build, but with a heart of gold! Warm, generous, and caring, he will take care of preparing comfort food to enjoy on the spot, or for takeout he's the type of person that would feed your dog a snack. He would do everything in his power to make sure you have a good time.

Amélie has an entrepreneurial streak that comes from a family that has evolved in the restaurant industry. She has worked for a long time as a manager for small and large companies. With Canard Café, it is the opportunity to have her own project that will allow her to continue to make a difference in people's lives.

Canard Café

The couple complements each other perfectly and they share a vision of offering human warmth to everyone beyond their restaurant. Amélie and Pierre may have some differences but they work so well together which allows them to connect with a wide range of customers. Giving back to the community is important to them, it is not uncommon for them to donate 30 kilograms of ground coffee to community organizations or distribute prepared meals to the needy.

Canard Café

What is the Canard Café?


Located in an area where there is a great neighborhood life and family atmosphere, it was important to offer a warm place where you feel good as soon as you enter the Café. Don't be surprised if the staff chats with you and asks how you are doing, it's a perfect neighborhood café. The furniture is purposely mismatched and purchased second-hand but it all makes sense once you realize the concept. Alternate between a kitchen chair, a couch, or a chair on wheels, depending on your mood!

Canard Café

The third wave coffee guarantees the quality of beans, roasting processes, and personalized blends.

Everything you eat at Canard Café or for takeout is entirely prepared on-site, they also have a pastry chef to ensure freshness. The food is home-cooked and many would say that you can immediately recognize a personal touch in each dish! They think about the details to offer something for everyone, from the excellent gluten-free and vegan chocolate pie to the organic flour in the desserts or the soy milk mayonnaise! La Presse cited Canard Café as one of the best options in Montreal for ready-to-eat meals.

Canard Café Montreal

More than ever, people are looking for comfort everywhere. The dishes offered are just that: classics reinvented without losing their flavor. We're thinking of their meatloaf with cheese curds or this custom blend of coffee tasting like milk chocolate!

2022: the opening of a 2nd branch.

Very soon, you will be able to live the Canard Café experience in their NEW LOCATION: 2199, SAINTE-CATHERINE STREET E. The second café will reflect the image of the two owners with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Amélie, also called Mrs. Duck, puts her personal touch in the choice of the decor. Don't worry, you will also find second-hand furniture, but the design will be more luxurious with recycled wood, a brick wall, a concrete floor, and a pergola. The menu will be identical to the original store.

Canard Café

We have a little scoop, they will be doing weekend brunches shortly. Follow their social media to be one of the first to go!

The last few years have been difficult and have isolated many people, but luckily some businesses continue to put human warmth first in every decision they make.



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