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Best Poke Bowls in Montreal

13 Restaurants mentioned

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Originally from Hawaii, poke bowls have gained a lot of popularity these past years. They are a healthy and succulent alternative to eat raw fish and mix brilliantly with many refreshing ingredients. Also popular in California, the term poke means "Dice", referring to the diced raw fish used to prepare this dish. Here are some of the best places to enjoy a delicious poke bowl in Greater Montreal.


Moushi is a sushi bar where you can get burritos and poke bowls. They offer eight different options to enjoy as either a burrito or in a bowl. Great news for sauce lovers, all their sauces are homemade with a base of mayonnaise and lots of love.


Le Poke Shop

Le Poke Shop has 8 items to choose from, sounds simple but each item can be rolled into a "SUSHI BURRITO" or a "POKÉ BOWL". They integrated the best of Hawaiian and Japanese cuisine! Their fusion of fresh vegetables and proteins along with their homemade sauces are sure to tickle your senses.



Koa Lua

Koa Lua has two addresses in downtown Montreal. Their two locations are quite similar, offering a colourful decor with flower necklaces and hula-hoop dancer figurines. They both present a menu that mainly includes poke bowls, but also some side dishes such as the famous spam, which is very popular in Hawaii. For Concordia University students, this place is the ideal lunch spot!




Very popular for their magnificent view of the Place Jacques Cartier in the Montreal Old Port, Perché offers a healthy menu with several raw options, like salads and of course some salmon and tuna poke bowls. Perfect for happy hour, you can enjoy the view while enjoying a refreshing cocktail that will go perfectly with their poke bowls.




Kamehameha snack bar specializes in dishes from the north of the island of Oahu in Hawaii. In this little poke bowl paradise, you will find a menu offering a better variety than the others including the vegetarian option Waimanalo, which is made with refreshing watermelon. Likewise, to satisfy your fresh fruit craving, let their smoothie and acai bowls seduce you.




Well-known in Montreal for their Californian inspired menus, Venice's two locations are specializing not only in poke bowls but also in any kind of dishes you might want when you think of eating by the sea. You will find some salads, tacos, soups, cocktails and juices all more refreshing than the others. Behind their take-out counter, they recently opened a small hidden cocktail bar named Boho.



Le Poké Bar

The Poké Bar is the first poke bowl restaurant in Montreal. Their poke bowls are all very colorful and unique. What is interesting about Poké Bar is that they also give you the opportunity to choose from all the ingredients available and to create your own poke bowl according to your cravings of the day. Unleash your creativity!




A unique dining experience inspired by traditional Hawaiian flavors. Honi Honi welcomes you to its restaurant on Wellington Street in Verdun, for a delicious and healthy meal. 


Niji Sushi Bar

Niji Sushi Bar in Dix30 Brossard is renowned for its great selection of sushi. Their menu has a lot of varieties that consists in several types of sushi such as sashimi, hosomakis, gunkans as well as more creative specialties. They have an untraditional poke option that is made with Filet Mignon. Would you dare to try it?


Le Poké Station


Hanna & Jenna


Poké Sushi


Buddha Station

The founder of Sushi Taxi, which is now all over the province of Quebec, had the idea of the Buddha Station. He really wanted to create a healthy and easy alternative to allow "office people" to have more options for their lunch than a burger while rushing between two meetings. They are offering a large variety of bowls, including poke, which is possible to pre-order to receive directly at the office, depending on the preferences of each customer. Awesome right?


See related results: Montreal Poke-Bowl Restaurants



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