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Best Poke Bowls in Montreal

May 10, 2021

Best Poke Bowls in Montreal

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Originally from Hawaii, poke bowls have gained a lot of popularity these past years. They are a healthy and succulent alternative to eat raw fish and mix brilliantly with many refreshing ingredients. Also popular in California, the term poke means "Dice", referring to the diced raw fish used to prepare this dish. Here are some of the best places to enjoy a delicious poke bowl in Greater Montreal.


Moushi is a sushi burrito and poké bowl counter. They have two locations, one in Dollard-des-Ormeaux and one in Laval. You can customize your bowl by choosing raw, cooked, fried, baked, vegetarian, vegan, or keto. They offer you the option of 8 recipe choices and it's up to you to decide if you want it in a burrito or a bowl. For sauce lovers, all of their sauces are homemade with a mayonnaise base. 

Meilleurs Poké Bols Montréal et les environs


They are the latest addition with two locations in Montreal, one on Queen Mary and one on Ste-Catherine near Papineau metro. They've made a big splash in the poké bowl scene. Their portions are generous, filled with fresh ingredients and flavors. They even offer a bowl with unagi (eel). It has quickly become one of the city's must-try places!

Meilleurs Poké Bols Montréal et les environs


Koa Lua has three locations in downtown Montreal. All three locations are quite similar, offering a colorful decor with flower necklaces and hula-hoop dancers. They both offer a menu that is mainly composed of poké bowls as well as some side dishes such as the famous spam, which is very popular in Hawaii. For Concordia University students, this could be your favorite place for lunch!

Meilleurs Poké Bols Montréal et les environs


If you're at the Jean-Talon Market with a craving, visit OKOK. You can customize your entire bowl from the base, protein, condiments, and sauces. Alternatively, get inspired by their Tokyo Bowls or salad recipes. The marketing and the theme of this restaurant makes you want to be transported in their universe every time!
Meilleurs Poké Bols Montréal et les environs

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Located in the Old Port, you can visit Aloha Espresso Bar to sip gourmet coffee or a healthy menu with a refreshing drink. Everything is so fresh.  Perfect to accompany your afternoon or evening by the river, all in good company!

Meilleurs Poké Bols Montréal et les environs


Poke.Bol has 4 different locations throughout the Plateau Mont-Royal and the city. They are known for their service as well as for their generous and healthy portions. Their poké bols contain rice, tempura, mixed salad, red cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, avocado, soybeans, mango, sesame seeds, fried onions and fried sweet potatoes as well as their homemade sauce. All you have to do is choose your favorite recipe or protein for the perfect meal!

Meilleurs Poké Bols Montréal et les environs


Kamehameha specializes in North Island of Oahu, Hawaii dishes. Normally they have 3 locations, but only the one in the Village is open for now. In this little poké bowl paradise, you will find a menu offering a variety of options, including the vegetarian option Waimanalo which is concocted with watermelon, yum! Also, to satisfy your cravings for fresh fruit, let yourself be tempted by their smoothie and acai bowls. One of their latest bowls is made with fried chicken, a combination of crispy and fresh.

Meilleurs Poké Bols Montréal et les environs


Now well known in Montreal for their California-inspired menus, Venice's two locations (soon to be 3 including the one in Brossard, Dix30) specialize not only in poké bowls but also in all sorts of dishes that one might crave when thinking of eating by the sea. You'll find salads, tacos, soups, and cocktails, and juices each more refreshing than the last.

Meilleurs Poké Bols Montréal et les environs


A unique dining experience inspired by traditional Hawaiian flavors. Honi Honi (which means kiss in Hawaiian) welcomes you to its Wellington Street location for a delicious and healthy meal.  Enjoy bubble tea, sushi, and Japanese entrees. Pick up your order and enjoy it in the park along the St. Lawrence River, which is just a few meters from the restaurant!

 Meilleurs Poké Bols Montréal et les environs


The Poké Station has been expanding over the past few years with several locations opening across the city. Several healthy recipes are available with the possibility of adding the extras you like! The service is fast and the portions are generous. Known for the freshness of their ingredients, they are becoming a must in town for poké bowls!

Meilleurs Poké Bols Montréal et les environs

Located on Notre-Dame in the Saint-Henri district, Kioko has made its mark by offering colorful dishes filled with freshness. Their specialty being sushi as well as their poké bowls, they are worth the detour! The chef is generous in his quantities and we recommend you to stop by before a day relaxing at the Lachine Canal!

The Poké Bar is the first poke bowl restaurant in Montreal. Their poke bowls are all very colorful and unique. What is interesting about Poké Bar is that they also give you the opportunity to choose from all the ingredients available and to create your own poke bowl according to your cravings of the day. Unleash your creativity!

Meilleurs Poké Bols Montréal et les environs

Buddha Station

The founder of Sushi Taxi, which is now all over the province of Quebec, had the idea of the Buddha Station. He really wanted to create a healthy and easy alternative to allow "office people" to have more options for their lunch than a burger while rushing between two meetings. They are offering a large variety of bowls, including poke, which is possible to pre-order to receive directly at the office, depending on the preferences of each customer. Awesome right?

Meilleurs Poké Bols Montréal et les environs

With picnic season just around the corner, these options are perfect to accompany warm sunny days. 

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