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Best Cafés & Coffee Shops in Montreal

21 Restaurants mentioned

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Coffee. This divine drink, as comforting as it is tasty. Whether for its taste, the comfort it brings or to help you recharge your batteries, coffee is certainly one of the most drank beverages in the world. We are very fortunate in Montreal to have access to a variety of places where a wide variety of coffee is available. The world of coffee having greatly evolved, you have plenty of choices regarding where to get the perfect cup, we have gathered below our favorite places in Montreal to enjoy this delicious drink. 

The Standard

The Standard now has four locations all around Montreal. Having a thing for places that are very "design" and attractive, that is what will catch your attention first. The founders of Standard wanted not only to offer good coffee, but also a welcoming atmosphere for those who wanted to chill a bit. Desirous to try something other than your traditional coffee? Choose from one of their alternative milk drinks made with beetroot or turmeric, you will be surprised by the magnificent color of your beverage and how tasty it is.


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Le Roseline

Le Roseline recently opened on Boulevard Saint-Laurent, between Laurier Avenue and Saint-Joseph Boulevard. Absolutely charming, their very welcoming and warm decor invites anyone passing by to enter, thanks to the large windows all over the facade. At Roseline we drink very good coffee and eat food inspired by a European cuisine. Roseline is the kind of place where you stop by for a coffee, which eventually turns into a glass of wine.


Café Larue & Fils

Larue & Fils coffee shops are established in Villeray in order to offer locals, or those passing in this area, a pleasant place to savor good coffee. Using their own coffee beans, it ensures you the perfect cup that will delight you with every sip. Enjoy their charming terraces to get some sun during the summer.



Tommy Café + Apéro

The Tommy Café is already well known from coffee lovers in the Old Port of Montreal. Not only their coffee delicious, but the place is absolutely beautiful. Considering that they are usually pretty busy, it's more likely the kind of place where you stop by with a friend than to spend hours working. Being a victim of their own success, the Tommy Café owners, transformed what was formerly the restaurant named Dolcetto into a second location, also located in the Old Port. Food wise, there are toasts, omelets, bagels, various sandwiches, salads, sweet or salty bowls and of course pastries and other little things to grab on the go.



Maman is a concept that first emerged in New York; we are extremely happy that they decided to come and share it with us in Montreal. This café/restaurant will charm anyone who get in. It is welcoming, warm, comforting in addition to offering excellent coffee and dishes that will certainly not leave you hungry. Nothing is left to detail at Maman, the decor, the dishes they use, the meals ... you won't resist taking a picture of everything around you. 



Café Pacefika

Café Pacefika is a destination that stands out from other coffee shops in Montreal. Not only do they use Italian beans, like many other places, but you also have the option of Hawaiian beans for your coffee. The owners of Café Pacefika aimed to make customers feel like they are in a second home, that they have a sense of community. Mission accomplished, because we actually received a very nice welcome as soon as we got in. The coffee options are endless? you'll want to try everything.



Café Pista

The first thing you read when you browse the Café Pista website is "From Farm to Cup". We understand that this coffee shop uses not only quality beans, but also from a fair place respecting the producers. Café Pista has two main locations and a third one, called Lab Pista, where coffee training and workshops are offered. Their brunch menu will fill your stomach with oatmeal, breakfast croissants, grilled cheese and other delicious dishes.



Café Olimpico

Café Olimpico no longer has to make its reputation, it has been established in the heart of the Mile-End since 1970. For those who still do not know this Montreal institution, it is because it is undoubtedly one of the Montreal's best kept secrets when it comes to coffee. It's the perfect place for all types of coffee lovers, the busy businessman, the student, and people who like to take their time. The important thing for the founder of Café Olimpico is to bring together people who share a common passion; coffee!



Café Myriade

Café Myriade offers three very different locations to enjoy their coffees. The first one, on Mackay Street, a small, noisy, vibrant and warm place. The second one, well-hidden on the lower floor of the Club Monaco store, is reminiscent of a European café-boutique and the third one, on Saint-Denis, more spacious and brighter. It is an unpretentious place where they promise that you'll get your coffee the way you like it most, according to your preferences and desires of the moment, because nobody should judge YOUR favorite coffee!



YO & CO Espresso Bar

The YO & CO Espresso Bar located on Laurendeau Street in Ville-Émard opened its doors about two years ago. It is the only coffee shop of its kind in this area of Montreal so you can guess that it is very popular. The coffee is good, the food offered too, and the staff are absolutely charming, especially the owner Yorick, who is often there. The large garage doors on the facade allow you to drink your coffee leaning on the edge of the counter while enjoying the comfortable weather.



Pikolo Bar à Espresso

The Pikolo represents Marie-Ève Laroche vision, following a trip to Australia which charmed her coffee wise. This tiny place will provide you with a quality, friendly experience in addition to the excellent coffee. Pair your coffee with a sweet treat from Hof Kelsten or Godley & Crème, their salty scones are to die for. 



MELK Bar à Café

Before talking about coffee, it is important to mention that the different MELK locations are particularly magnificent. Our favorite, the one located near the Place-d'Armes metro station, stands out for its industrial look, which comes close to what we could categorize as perfect. You'll drink tasty coffees of all kinds as well as healthy dishes ideal for a light lunch. The atmosphere is appropriate for all kinds of context, whether for working, studying or chatting with friends.



Café Bloom

Café Bloom on Centre Street in Pointes-Saint-Charles welcomes you in a large, bright and lively room. Pretty much everything that can be done, coffee wise, is available as well as excellent creative and appetizing dishes for brunch and lunch. In addition to be a charming neighborhood coffee shop, Café Bloom acts as a showcase for local artists by displaying various artistic projects by artists that lives in the area.



Hoche Café

The Hoche Café is the perfect place to have a good coffee in the Hochelaga district. It is so welcoming; you will want to take your time to sip your coffee while enjoying the moment. You can opt for the large tables to share a good time with friends or to actually meet new people. Accompany your cup with a good homemade meal made with love.



September Café

The September Café was born out of the love of coffee and surf of the owners of the place. This hype place in the Little Burgundy district has not been overlooked since its opening. Although very busy, you can still stop by for a meal or enjoy their hidden terrace in the back during the summer.



As you may have guessed, Café Saint-Henri is above all a roaster, they make their own coffee. Where the grains they use is coming from is very important to them. They do business with families they can meet, in order to buy grains at the source, which makes coffee more fair and eco-responsible. Their first location was opened in Saint-Henri on Notre-Dame Street, it is still one of the most popular coffee shop in the area.



This small boutique-style coffee shop at the corner of Papineau and Mont-Royal streets offers a menu of the most delicious vegan food in addition to their varied coffee options. The coffee served comes from a Toronto coffee roaster. This is an unpretentious place where you will most certainly have a good time.



Shaughnessy Café

The Shaughnessy Café is a small neighborhood coffee shop offering specialty coffees as well as homemade pastries. We love that place for the very friendly staff and the chill vibe. Being located at ground level, when you sit at the counter you can observe what is happening on the street from a different point of view!


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