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CITYArticle: 100% Vegan Restaurants in Montreal

100% Vegan Restaurants in Montreal

Innovative plant-based recipes

updated: Aug 16, 2022
100% Vegan Restaurants in Montreal

Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, omnivore, or simply a food lover, there are many 100% vegan options to explore in the greater Montreal area.

With an environmental, social, and local focus, these different restaurants will welcome you with seasonal and quality ingredients. In the last few years, we have seen, to our great delight, a blossoming of entirely vegan places. 

Of course, the classics include healthy bowls, sandwiches, and burgers, but as time goes by, the variety of dishes in the different establishments increases.

Let yourself be transported into these plant-based menus to discover your favorite recipes worked differently.


3459, rue Ontario E, Montréal, H1W 1R4

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This unusual bistro offers a revisited menu that is entirely vegan. You can enjoy dishes such as sharing boards, burgers, poutines, sandwiches, and salads. On weekends, we go there for a delicious brunch. Keep an eye on their social media for comedy nights.

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Montreal Vegan Restaurants


330, ave. Mont-Royal E, Montréal, H2T 1P8

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What if we told you that it was totally possible to enjoy sushi, pad Thai, and poké, without missing any meat or fish? Ohana Sushi Vegan prepares each order with meticulousness, aestheticism, and creativity. The space is not big to eat there, but you will be charmed by the place and the service!


Best Vegan restaurants in Montreal


Multiple locations

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With 3 locations covering Laval, Montreal, and Brossard, LOV is accessible to anyone curious about vegan food. The fully composed décor brings out the color and aesthetics in each plate. One of their core values is respect for the land and ingredients, so don't be surprised to see the menu change with the seasons.

The best 100% Vegan restaurants


30, rue Prince-Arthur O, Montréal, H2X 1S6

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Maynard's allows us to completely rethink our concept of a good comforting snack. They were the first vegan restaurant to obtain the "Aliments du Québec" certification, which guarantees freshness and quality of ingredients at all times. We'll be tempted by their current menu, but watch out for their mac and cheese, pogos, and burgers, which are to die for.

The best 100% Vegan restaurants


6660, rue Clark, Montréal, H2S 3E7

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If you're familiar with the concept of izakaya (Japanese tapas), you should definitely check out Umami. Aside from tapas, they serve the best vegan ramen in town and have an impressive sake menu. Among the Japanese classics revisited are okonomiyaki, gyozas, agedashi tofu, or tempeh tonkatsu. This restaurant is a great favor by the team, we strongly suggest to go there for the tasting menu.


The best 100% Vegan restaurants


Multiple locations

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Lola Rosa's 3 locations will transport you into their 100% vegan world in less than 2 bites. Each366 restaurant has its own unique personality, but they all share a common mission: "to make you discover a plant-based and gourmet food without compromise". Don't leave without leaving a note about your experience, because all the tables have paper and pencils... in fact, you can even read the notes of others who sat in your seat!

The best 100% Vegan restaurants


1259 Rue Sainte-Catherine E, Montréal, H2L 2H3

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In the heart of the Village, Tendresse is a festive bistro that is constantly on social networks, so popular and appreciated. They are equally open for brunch, lunch, aperitif, or dinner. The menu is varied, simple, and tasty. Any occasion is good to visit them.

The best 100% Vegan restaurants


2911, chemin Sainte-Marie, Mascouche, J7K 1N6

View More  (450) 325-2911

Located in an ancestral house in Mascouche, this is a gem to discover. On weekends, reserve your table and enjoy their entirely vegan brunches with zany names. During the week, you can enjoy one of their many sandwiches, smoothies, healthy bowls, toasts, or pizzas. It is a must-stop if you are in the area. In the summer, there is even outdoor karaoke in the evening!

The best 100% Vegan restaurants


4088, rue St-Denis, Montréal, H2W 2M5

View More  (514) 843-4194

ChuChai is the perfect restaurant to impress your omnivorous entourage. It's beautiful, trendy, and serves authentic Thai food. They're known for their simulated meat. Our favorite dish? Their crispy duck tastes just like you would find in a non-veg Asian restaurant. You'll be surprised at how tasty each dish is, even if you've been to Thailand. 

The best 100% Vegan restaurants


3609, rue St-Denis, Montréal, H2X 3L6

View More  (514) 825-6363

Sushi Momo by Christian Ventura is always packed. The recipes are creative, the presentation of the dishes is magnificent and the outstanding service will guide you in your choices according to your preferences. The team suggests you go there for the tasting menu, whether it's your first visit or not.

The best 100% Vegan restaurants


Multiple locations

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This list wouldn't be complete without Copper Branch. This popular fast food chain makes plant-based cuisine accessible to all. We're particularly fond of their energy bowls, falafels, all-day breakfasts, and burgers. And the best part? They're growing and getting easier to find everywhere! 

The best 100% Vegan restaurants


1360, rue Rosemont, Montréal, H2G 1V4

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Café Dei Campi is the first Italian pastry shop in Montreal. They offer a wide variety of desserts that taste like heaven. Our favorites are the fauxtella donuts and the zeppoles. But, you have to be on the lookout. They don't serve their doughnuts daily and the zeppoles only appear once a year, a bit like Santa Claus, but for the feast of San Giuseppe.

The best 100% Vegan restaurants


5149, ave. du Parc, Montréal, H2V 4G3

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Mimi & Jones is the first and only vegan diner in Montreal. When you visit, let yourself be tempted by the whole experience: a tasty milkshake, the burger of your choice, and fries. All this while sitting on a typical American diner stool. This visit will satisfy any fast food craving you may have.

The best 100% Vegan restaurants


9090, ave du Parc, Montréal, H2G 2X4

View More  (438) 866-7635

Here, the food is 100% vegan, the ingredients are organic and eco-friendly. From their legendary sandwiches, and fresh and creative salads to their prepared meals, we guarantee you'll lick your utensils, it's so good! They recently reopened as a take-out counter on du Parc, go support them.

The best 100% Vegan restaurants

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