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mardi, 29 décembre, 2015

Greasy Spoon

This was my third time going to the Greasy Spoon since it opened and I think I finally have to call it quits. I first went to the restaurant when it opened, and then once about two months ago, and then again in December. The first time I went to the restaurant it was awesome, and the last two times I've been severely unimpressed with the food.

The first time, I ordered the nachos which appeared to have been torched with a flamethrower because they were incredibly burnt, to the point where I was surprised that the chef even allowed the dish to leave the kitchen. I sent the dish back, and ordered a beef tartar, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The second time, I ordered the Artic Char, which also came out burnt, and incredibly dry, sitting on top of a cold cous cous dish which I assume should have been warm? - that same night, when I walked by the kitchen, the tallest cook(maybe the chef) was whipping another cook with a rag, calling him a "faggot" and "a piece of shit" which I find very, very unprofessional and disrespectful. I figured I would give the restaurant another try, because we really enjoy the service, as the waiters/waitresses have all treated us very well, but because of what I saw in the kitchen, I don't think I'll ever return.

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29 dec, 2015
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