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dimanche, 23 novembre, 2014

Mon Nan
Quartier Chinois

I am so picky when it comes to anything consider as asian food.
Everytime I come here I enjoy my self and the food.

I've had salt and pepper chicken that was perfectly fried, the chicken chow mein is my favourite i've also had the ginger lobster, beef broccoli, chicken fried rice, egg rolls everything was good so far !!

It's not a very nice place but it's a place with good food. Bathroom's are a disaster waiter's are mostly friendly . If you go on a weekend night place will most likely be packed especially after club hours !!

Prices are fair as well !

25 nov, 2014
Café Milano

I live for this place lol
They are open late and have a pretty simple but good menu.

The service is amazing the staff is very attentive and welcoming.
Always greet customers with a smile not ONE bad thing to say.

The food is very good. They serve salads, subs, deserts and coffees.

I always stick to the same thing it's a winner for me
The chicken salad is the best very fresh iceberg salad mixed with a balsamic dressing.

The cannolis are the best I've had anywhere like I have not found one place where they have better cannolis !!

Hot chocolate is very good as well

All around have never been disappointed there !!

Recommend to everyone

25 nov, 2014
The Keg Steakhouse + Bar

I keep this place on my favourites list for so many reasons.

My experience in the dinning room was superb.
The service is great. Very polite waiters and very attentive to what you ask of them.
My food was very tasty the steak was grilled exactly how I liked it and my salad was great !

Just when I tough it could not get better I came the same week and eat at the bar oh dear
the service was even better !! The barmaid was so nice I was shocked my food was still great.
There was a little mix up in my order I wanted a salad and I had mushrooms in my plate right away she corrected the little mistake but I admit I loved the mushrooms so much she almost did me a favour haha !!

Hats off Keg has the one of the best customer service and great food !

23 nov, 2014
Fourchette Antillaise

Je prends toujours des repas pour apporter dans ce restaurent.

J'adore leur plat de légumes avec le riz blanc le gout es très riche et les ingrédients sont très bien mélangés ensemble.

Le griot aussi est très bon par contre je suis pas fanatique de leur riz coller.

Je ne peut pas évaluer le service considérant que je ne mange jamais surplace mais les serveuse sont toujours polie avec moi et me donne un service quand meme bien.

23 nov, 2014

I LOVE this place !!!

I always have pasta when I go.
Never disappointed so far.
Service always amazing very welcoming staff not to mention the place is very clean !!

The meat sauce is very good and has the right amount of spices.
I also have the alfredo sauce and it is juste as good !!

23 nov, 2014

I love this place !!!

Great deserts very cozy vibe

23 nov, 2014
Carlos & Pepe's

My boyfriend is an amateur of mexican food so we figured a nice change from 3amigos would be nice.

As we walk in the restaurant the guy at the front desk does not great us he takes the menus and starts walking towards the table. Right then I figured uhoh not very welcoming…

I had the mango chicken with rice the chicken was very poor in taste and the rice was very thick and did was fresh.

My boyfriend had chicken tacos his rice was as bad as mine. The salad was not fresh either, the chicken was not marinated either so no taste !! The hot sauce was not much of a hot sauce...He didn't eat his plate either…

Then I ask the waiter for the bill he does not even realize that we both did not eat our meals..
Our plates were full kind of hard to miss…
Does not even ask if everything was to our liking…he honestly did not seem to care..
So we ended with a 30$ bill for food we did not eat and a very mediocre service…

To top it off when we left the same man that escorted us to our table was busy on his phone did not even acknowledge that we were leaving did not look up to wish us a good night nothing… What ever he was looking at on his phone was way more important that greeting customers the right way…

Very disappointed
HORRIBLE customer service and tasteless food to top it off !!
At least the decor was nice !!

23 nov, 2014