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lundi, 22 août, 2005

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Ville Mont-Royal

I called to make a reservation for outdoor dining. They told me it was going to rain later on that night and inside the restaurant it was filled to capacity so if I were seated outside and raining, I would have to take doggy bags and eat at home. Result? There was NO RAIN and another reputable restaurant had us dine and for a considerable bill which was worth it. Very disappointed in the attitude of this restaurant. A good business never turns customers away!

24 juil., 2022
Duc de Lorraine

We have been going to Duc de Lorraine since the 60s and it was a real gem! Service was impeccable, pastries and sandwiches were exquisite so much that it became a tradition to us. Yesterday we went around 5:30pm just for a pastry and coffee. We didn't want to spoil dinner so we also ordered a bagel and cream cheese (yes, it WAS on the menu). We were told this was for breakfast only. We had to wait about 15 minutes to have the menus. After our order, we waited about half an hour for the pastry. No shortage of staff so there was no reason to be "ignored" and stalled. In looking at the menu, though, the prices seemed to have quadrupled over the last few years. They try to transform it into a scandalizing expensive place (hamburger about $18, chicken caesar about $26, etc.). Years ago it was much, much better, and the place was always full. These days, people might come for a coffee and a pastry (most are at $8). Wining and dining might cost about $100 or more per person. What a shame!

21 août, 2021
Mister Steer (Mr. Steer)

I had probably given this establishment 5 stars before but last night was quite a disappointment. First, since the last time we visited this place, the prices have sky-rocketed and the portions became a bit smaller (a smaller plate). The hamburger had a good BBQ taste but the meat was no longer as juicy as it was in the olden days. Secondly, the fries were not the Suzy Q fries that were part of their signature; 3/4 of the plate was filled with little remnants of fries. The Heiniken beer was $8.95! The restaurant was almost empty at 7pm on a Sunday, almost unheard of for this establishment when at one time there were at least 20 people waiting in line to be seated (capacity has gone up to 200). A portion of fries alone will cost one $6.25, espresso/cappuccino about $4.25 just as an example. We left the place disappointed especially since it has become a somewhat touristic trap.

16 déc., 2019
Mamma Mia

I ordered the escargots and was surprised to see the plate covered with pieces of mushrooms...The Cesar salad was good but the dressing came from a bottle. Service was extremely slow (the restaurant was full and only had one waiter). Prices a bit steep for what they have to offer. This was my second visit.

20 nov., 2019
Brochetterie Parthenon

Excellent option for a casual evening BYOB. Freshest ingredients. Great service. It has become our regular weekly place.

06 sept., 2019
Piri Piri Côte-des-Neiges

Malgré le fait que le poulet était assez bon, hélas, c'est loin d'être le poulet grillé à la portuguaise.....les pommes de terre étaient excellentes, comme le riz et la salade, le service professionnel et très courtois, nous allons surement y retourner mais peut être commander autre chose, car le menu est assez varié. Les prix un peu salés pour un "fast-food" à la portuguaise mais les portions sont quand même très généreuses.

07 août, 2019
Shanghai Grill

Extremely popular restaurant in Westmount (always full). Prices reasonable. Service impeccable. Generous portions of delicious food (most of the time we have to ask for a doggy bag). At the end of each meal, we are served fortune cookies with a plate full of delicious walnuts. It has become our regular dinner hang-out. Worth a detour!

27 juil., 2019
Sardine Rose
Le Village/Centre Sud

My husband asked for the grilled chicken and I had the calamar; I asked for garlic butter on the side and the waiter was a bit insulted and said "why would you want to change our recipe?". The chicken was ok - nothing more and not really resembling the authentic Portuguese rub that many Portuguese eateries practice. My calmar was ok - but the sauce was extremely bland. Service was ok but nothing out of the ordinary. The chicken, by the way, was not done completely and parts of it were almost pink. From the outside window looking inside, I noticed that the grill was not very clean and neither were the counters. Three hours later, my husband had something similar to gastroenteritis. I regret I have to write this but in my 50 years of eating at Montreal restaurants, this never happened to me or my husband. The decor is pleasant, but I would much rather prefer for the grill itself to be cleaned every day. The accumulated grease on the grill was quite a sight.

16 mai, 2019
Estiatorio Milos - Montreal

Prix fixe for lunch menu at $25. Good value. Fresh ingredients. The salmon tartare could have used a bit more lemon, salt and throw in some capers and snipped dill. The tuna hamburger though was bland. The lamb chops were excellent and so was the fish of the day. A nice experience nevertheless.

09 sept., 2018
La Maison Ho

We ordered delivery for a variety of things - soup, rice, beef with crunchy spinach, etc.etc. The moment I opened the beef it smelled like rotten eggs. I threw it out.

14 août, 2018
Tre Marie

We used to go more often to this restaurant when everything was being made from scratch each morning. This time I believe things really changed. We were a table of 3. The full course menus were like most items on the regular menu, quite overpriced for what it was offered. The wine list was in poor supply and the penne came with inexistent sausage swimming in a rose sauce. Espressos were excellent, as always. Service was polished.

15 sept., 2017
Petros Taverne Grecque

Beautifully decorated restaurant resembling Santorini; nice outdoor terrace for dining al fresco. We ordered quite a few appetizers (hot and cold) but were disappointed in the tarama, eggplant dip and the kopanisti which was way too salty. Ordered a moussaka which at $29 was overpriced and mediocre. The sardines (appetizer) was ok. The dessert (galaktoboureko) was good and so was the Greek coffee. Overpriced restaurant to compensate for the BYOB policy. Service was professional throughout. A bit of a disappointment considering.

23 août, 2017
Notre Boeuf de Grâce
Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG)

I have previously reviewed this restaurant a year or so ago but after today's visit, I had to redo my review. Unfortunately it was not one of our most memorable times. I ordered an onion soup which came within minutes. It was a generous bowl but the soup had salad croutons scattered and the small chunk of mozzarella was sinking. After the first taste, I noticed something was definitely wrong with the soup. After the second slurp, I noticed the pungent taste that just did not make any sense: the soup was filled with soy sauce. I returned the soup promptly as it left a bad taste in my mouth and ordered the large kosher hot dog which came dressed with half-moon onion slices, cold bacon bits and a humongous bun which I left almost untouched. The onion rings were ok but nothing to write home about. My husband's hamburger was sinking in the gigantic bun and topped with cold bacon slices and Kraft individually wrapped processed cheese. Service was very, very slow and we were told they had a new chef trainee. This is what happens when a new restaurant is opening and is an instant hit. Instead of continuing to renew, modify and make things better, the quality goes down and live off the reputation. Personally, I do not think I shall visit again. At least not for now.

23 oct., 2016
Monkland Grill
Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG)

A run-of-the-mill resto on Somerled Avenue, more or less cafeteria atmosphere. Prices are quite reasonable but food is quite greasy (although the squid platter was good but quite greasy). The lamb chops also had a lot of fat and some were burned. The chicken wings were also burned and too tough. The Cesar salad was a bit wilted and was swimming in dressing. The chicken rice soup was good. The garlic butter was cold. Service with a smile came at the end unfortunately when the waitress refilled my cup of coffee. The menu itself has pictures and is quite extensive. A lot of take-out with very reasonable prices.

13 oct., 2016
Chez Nick

Good prices, excellent service, generous portions. However, the desserts are a tad too expensive (a slim apple pie slice goes for $6.75).

09 oct., 2016
The Keg Steakhouse + Bar

Nous nous sommes arrêtés pour 2 allongés sur la terasse, et mon mari a voulu commander les hamburgers miniatures à 14$. Quel délice et quelle surprise agréable de passer des bons moments. Service impeccable. Plats superbes. On reviendra le soir, ça c'est sur et certain!

12 sept., 2016
Café Cherrier
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

Nous avons eu l'idée de nous arrêter devant ce resto et par hasard, nous nous sommes assis à une table sur la terasse. À part de la bouffe qui est excellente et les portions assez généreuses, nous avons eu l'impression d'avoir diné dans un resto de quartier ....à Paris. Mais quelle ambiance agréable! Et le service! Grâce à une attitude d'un resto qui sait comment continuer à améliorer et innover le menu et la philosophie, on voit bien que ce resto ne vit pas selon sa réputation, mais sait comment répondre aux besoins de sa clientèle. Nous avons passé une soirée sublime! Merci!

04 sept., 2016
Mile End Grilladerie Portugaise

Food very good, we have been coming to this restaurant since it opened, but yesterday, when they brought water to the table and asked for some ice, we were told no ice is given to plain water unless we purchase bottled water. Big red flag here. Another inconvenience is that if we want to pay, we have to walk up at the counter inside and pay (a hassle at times for the elderly).

28 juil., 2016

We needed a shot of afternoon espresso so Mandy's was the only place that had an empty parking spot in front of it. The place looks absolutely fabulous, a touch of old, a touch of new, an array of salads served in artsy bowls. Unfortunately, I was looking for the usually large espresso machine but could not find it. Instead, they had a singular Nespresso machine and at a price of $4.00 (one shot) it would be served in a paper cup. Hm. I said "No thanks". Prices of salads are, if you ask me, a bit exorbitant. For $15 a salad,it must be exceptional and within the walls of a well reputed restaurant. This is not a restaurant or a bistro per se. It is a coffee shop. For the price I'd probably go elsewhere. But then again, if one charges $4.00 for an espresso, it should not be served in a paper cup (unless of course you want it "to go").

01 juil., 2016
Bacaro Pizzeria
Monkland Village

Very pleasant dining al fresco on Monkland Avenue. Shared 1 appetizer (arrancini) and 1 pizza cappriciosa. The thin crust and toppings were great. The arrancini was good too. The service was very professional. Will be sure to return.

20 juin, 2016