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vendredi, 22 février, 2013


Every time I pass by in front of this restaurant. There's less and less customers, or even empty. So I had to try it out during lunch time to see if this restaurant has some issue.

The inside of the restaurant is really nice, somewhat it doesn't feel a Vietnamese restaurant, more like a modern summer beach themed restaurant. Service is great, maybe the fact I'm the first customer of the day.

While the environment is great, my Tokinoise soup isn't. The beef meat inside my soup taste really out dated, I had to remove it from my soup. Soup and noodle are just okay, with that minimum of price, I wouldn't complaint.

Okay meal and decent service in a empty restaurant, I'll give another visit to give a chance during evening.

08 mar, 2013

There are some up and down in this very old restaurant. It use to be one of those restaurants that has huge line up during evening. This days, those line has been gone. Better customer controls or customer lost?

Service needs to be improve a bit. Either you are being recognize or complete ignore. If they do some mistake, they crack a joke to escape their mistake.

While the service are fifty fifty, The food shows better result than the service. Fast decent speed for a full house but some minor issue in the food like the portion has been shorten a bit or the sauce in their pita is delicious while it's hot, when it gets cold in time, it's kinda uneatable. Neither less, It stills offering you a good decent meal.

Decent meal and a gambling service. You'll also need a GPS because this restaurant is kinda hard to spot it. It doesn't appeal a restaurant from the outside and not the best location, but it's good to see this restaurant still running for several years.

08 mar, 2013

One of the best Japanese restaurant in Montreal.

Staff are welcoming, nice and respect you as royal customer. Food is fresh and delicious. Portion kinda small, but quality and presentation are top notch. Their green tea is at it's best.

The only issue is, the restaurant is extremely small and really tight. best recommend for couples or maximum of 4 peoples. Or else you might have to wait outside in the line since this restaurant are well known for huge line up.

I love their food so much, that if they have a box of donation, I wouldn't mind giving them money so that they can get a bigger restaurant for bigger greater success.

Highly recommend, but beware of line up.

24 feb, 2013