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dimanche, 03 avril, 2022

Bun Mam Ninh-Kien
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

I usually enjoy stoping by here for a quick lunch. The Banh Mi selection is good and affordable. The Bun are a little dry, but big portions.

Tonight I ordered online directly from the website so the restaurant wouldn't have to pay any fees to 3rd party delivery companies. My order was estimated to arrive in 25 minutes. I ended up waiting 90 minutes for two Banh Mi, a lemonade and 2 spring rolls.

I live a 4 minute drive away.

When the delivery driver finally showed up, the Bahn Mi was the incorrect order (I was charged for beef, and was given two traditional rolls that cost less), and my drink was missing.

When I called to ask about my $10 of missing items, the phone was ringing out.

03 apr, 2022