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lundi, 20 septembre, 2021

La Pizzeria Georges Le Roi du Sous-Marin

Hello Readers! I would like to share my visit at George's Pizzeria in Longueuil, on Marie Victorin. My girlfriend "dragged" me to this "small" restaurant to get some French fries for lunch - It was the first time I had heard about this place - but when I got inside I was very pleasantly surprised. The place was spotless, the staff was among the nicest and most polite and welcoming I had seen in ages! Even though I am not a "pizza fan", the smell was enough for me to order a large one, knowing that there would be enough for my girlfriend's husband's snack - Hallas! that was not the case! I literally ate half of the pizza! While I was ordering the Pizza, she was so, so pleasant and funny behind the transparent divider... but that, does not hold a candle to her Pizza! Of course, Coco, the Chef & the Owner's daughter, is responsible for me "pigging out" - what can I say!!! Lady: your Pizza was awesome! So, this is for you, the Readers: this is a tip: if you are around on Mondays, order the special large Pizza for 20$ - they are on the Service Road of Highway 132 - East Bound - 1820 Bd Marie-Victorin, Longueuil, QC J4G 1Y9 - Enjoy your time there and say hello to Coco for me - Bon appétit - Jeannette

20 sept., 2021