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dimanche, 26 janvier, 2020

La Belle et La Barbe

Very disappointing experience, I was excited to try a new joint but it did not live up to my expectations to say the least.

I was served by a rude waiter. I had asked if there was an English menu available and he said no we don't have that, in a very impolite way. Okay whatever, I understand that not all restaurants do so that's why the question was asked but as a worker in customer service, you empathize and most importantly speak to a person with common courtesy!

When my drink came, I had ordered the 7th heaven passion drink which came in a thin long glass. Half of the glass was filled with ice so when I took a few sips, every sip I was taking were in the smallest quantity so I had asked that same waiter for a straw, his response was "no" when asked why...he shoots back with we're saving the planet in a very rude manner.

So we had enough and asked a separate worker for the owner. We spoke to the owner and he did not seem fazed about the situation. He had the...it is what it is attitude. And also mentioned all the great reviews he has online about his place making it seem like our feedback was the one off and completely irrelevant.

We finished our two appetizers and cocktails and did not bother staying for any main dishes. The entire time that we were there, the rude waiter kept glaring in our direction, I guess trying to intimidate us? LMAO, nice try bub! It was quite funny though. So I paid and took my business to the keg where I gladly spent a couple of hundred on a business that knows how to treat people right.

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26 jan, 2020
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