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  950-1, boul. St-Jean (Brunswick)
(514) 694-8611
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Food was good. Service was fantastic. A waiter comes very often to check on you if everything is okay or do you need something else. We were treated very well and one thing i would always come back for is that MUSSEL THINGY appetizer which I and my bf enjoyed the most. My gosh. It was very delicious! Carbonara is very creamy. They are not cheap in giving me those perfect saucy flavor on my dish. My bf had a pizza. Very home-made and baked well til the crust. Price was reasonable enough. Definitely a must-try place. ...    by: kriziporiu  ACTIVE
$$ ($20 to $30)  
Some Features
Gluten Information: This restaurant offers Gluten Free dishes upon request.
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