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About us

La Banquise, originally a small ice-cream shop, first opened its doors in May 1968. In fall of the same year, its founder, local fireman Pierre Barsalou, decided to transform the enterprise into a 24-hour snack bar. At the time it...
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Capacity: 85 We accept: Interac, Guichet Automatique, Argent Comptant

We are located near Lafontaine Park. Gift Certificates available.

Paying parking across the street and free parking on the side street of restaurant.

30 seats.


3.8/5  101 votes

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❝ At first I thought the portion looked really small. Not at all. I wasn't even able to finish the small plate. Actually it made me sick. I could not eat anything the day after I just felt like throwing up. The poutine was really good though but it didn't sit right in my stomach. I got the matti which has mushrooms, onion, bacon and peppers. I find it pretty expensive for the portion size. I think it's more one of those famous places you just have to go to once in your life. ❞

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