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About us

Ben & Florentine serves up a great day!From hearty breakfasts to healthy lunches, all our food is lovingly prepared with fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Whether you want a savoury morning or afternoon meal, we offer the ...
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2 Reviews

Service ok et nourriture correct mais il n'y à rien d'exceptionnel ! Mais cette succursale est bien meilleure que celle au centre-ville.

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9 Reviews

We love our BEN & Florentines in TMR Lucerne shopping center.
It replaced Murrays, which was a long time favourite for over 30years
now we can continue to enjoy a really delicious big bowl of Old fashioned Oatmeal, with brown sugar and fruits , along with a super menu with lots of eggs, crepes, pancakes every day , all day til 3pm.
With 2 jamaican chefs at the helm, and a group of Brothers out front all under 25, this team of new owners has done a fine job of keeping our fave spot open and vibrant. Lunch during the week has special menu, with a great chicken salad , go try . Must get in by 230pm to get best service . Coupon on here to Print.

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