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CITYArticle: Which Caterers Will Make Your Event Unforgettable in Montreal?

Which Caterers Will Make Your Event Unforgettable in Montreal?

Birthdays, Buffets, Soirées, Christmas, Holidays: Catering for Every Occasion

By updated: Dec 05, 2023
Which Caterers Will Make Your Event Unforgettable in Montreal?
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In the culinary epicentre of Montreal, our exploration of catering options guides you through a myriad of delights for all occasions and events.

From glittering weddings to elegant business meetings, the city's caterers reveal a rich and festive culinary palette. Whether for exquisite cocktail parties, unforgettable wedding meals, Christmas parties or sophisticated business lunches, Montreal's catering options are the perfect complement for every occasion. 

Discover how each caterer brings unique flavours to life, making Montreal an incomparable gourmet paradise.


3535 Route 440 O, Laval, H7P 5G9

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Located in the heart of Marché 440, Gourmeyeur has charmed with culinary refinement since 2005. Offering refined menus for cocktails and soirées, this caterer distinguishes itself with creativity and a commitment to satisfying discerning palates. Indulge in the poetry of a unique reception where every detail is meticulously orchestrated. Specializing in cocktail soirées, Gourmeyeur stands out by preparing most dishes on-site, ensuring extraordinary bites for festive moments.

Which Caterers Will Make Your Event Unforgettable in Montreal?


1104 Rue Bleury, Montréal, H2Z 1N4

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Miss Prêt à Manger provides a mobile cafeteria with nutritious dishes promoting performance and health. Their cost-effective and convenient catering solution includes breakfasts, and snacks, and has built a solid reputation, handling over 30 weddings annually. With an experienced team, they cover all types of weddings, from classic three-course meals to upscale buffets. Miss Prêt à Manger streamlines event planning and offers comprehensive services, from diverse beverages to alcohol, with a specialized team ready to assist you.


 Which Caterers Will Make Your Event Unforgettable in Montreal?


2636 Rue de Bellechasse, Montréal, H1Y 1J3

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Plaisance Café & Traiteur, a neighbourhood café, offers a menu with Creole flavours, featuring prepared meals, coffee beans, spicy sauces, and family dishes. Their catering service accommodates all budgets, aiming to share the richness of Caribbean cuisine with innovative, fresh, and tasty dishes and seeking to elevate Caribbean cuisine using modern techniques and unique ingredient combinations to create an authentic and modern experience. Chefs and owners Ralph and Wadensky embody this passion.

 Which Caterers Will Make Your Event Unforgettable in Montreal?


3870 Rue Ontario E, Montréal, H1W 1S6

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Led by Chef Geneviève Everell, Comptoir Sushi à la Maison provides unique gastronomic experiences at home. Offering creative menus, from tartare to fried maki, each evening is tailor-made. With multiple concepts available, including sushi nights, poké, and home cooking classes, the service extends throughout Quebec.

 Which Caterers Will Make Your Event Unforgettable in Montreal?


16641 Boulevard du Curé-Labelle, Mirabel, J7J 2G7

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At Bouffe-Tout Traiteur, cuisine is a passion expressed through fresh homemade dishes, crafted with care and emotion. Their emotional approach is reflected in each fresh homemade dish. Specialties include prepared meals, buffets, events, banquets, weddings, and corporate lunch boxes. The banquet menu offers a wait-free experience, ideal for cocktail soirées. The buffet suits large events, while the BBQ menu delights meat enthusiasts. The corporate lunch box provides an economical option without compromising quality.


 Which Caterers Will Make Your Event Unforgettable in Montreal?


1210 Ave Van Horne, Montréal, H2V 1K3

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De Bons Petits Plats offers culinary diversity, from sandwiches to full buffets. Their attentive service adapts from small family gatherings to large events. Lunch boxes, refined bites, 10-person trays, and full buffets are available, with optional qualified servers. Their varied selection of wines and beverages simplifies your reception. With 25 years of experience in film shoots, TV series, and commercials, De Bons Petits Plats excels in serving balanced and varied menus on your set.

 Which Caterers Will Make Your Event Unforgettable in Montreal?


6000 Boulevard Rome, Brossard, J4Y 0B6

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Groupe Restos DIX30's Corporate Caterer adapts to all occasions, offering customized service highlighting contracts, anniversaries, or philanthropic evenings. Their varied options, from cocktail soirées to buffets, adjust to every imagination. With a five-star quality, they guarantee a memorable experience from start to finish. Regardless of the event, their team takes on the challenge by providing personalized catering services for your needs, offering meal types such as hot and cold breakfasts, lunch boxes, cocktail soirées, hot and cold buffets, and plated dinners.

Which Caterers Will Make Your Event Unforgettable in Montreal?


Entreprise en ligne uniquement

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Savour Italy with Taste Italy - Pizzaioli Traiteur Catering, specialists in authentic Neapolitan Pizzas for your events. Their catering team covers weddings, golf tournaments, and corporate events. Their mobile pizzeria truck is ready for any occasion. Customers recommend their delicious pizza and highlight the professional and attentive service.

Which Caterers Will Make Your Event Unforgettable in Montreal?


800 Boulevard Chomedey, Laval, H7V 3X1

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Bella Traiteur et Salle de Réception offers a turnkey experience for your events. Services include a reception hall, catering, custom pastry, and funerals. In addition to catering services, they provide speakers, table decorations, and custom desserts. Their extensive menu, available via email or phone, offers a varied choice for all occasions, from weddings to conferences. Custom pastry offers unique options to complement your event's theme.

Which Caterers Will Make Your Event Unforgettable in Montreal? 


Entreprise en ligne uniquement

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Tropikàl Catering offers a unique Caribbean culinary experience with delicate and well-crafted dishes. The menu features a tempting variety, from oysters to Rasta pasta, including jerk poutine. Each dish blends traditional spices and rich flavours, representing influences from the Caribbean, West Africa, and Afro-Latin cuisine. Suitable for group evenings, the Tropikàl sharing platter includes grilled ribeye, lobster tails, Rockefeller oysters, grilled octopus, and sautéed shrimp. In 2021, Montreal's Tropikàl Restobar was selected among Canada's best new restaurants.

Which Caterers Will Make Your Event Unforgettable in Montreal? 

All catering options for your events in Montreal, Laval, the South Shore and more!

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